Improving my air conditioning

The where I was at, was very overwhelming. That day was really difficult to get through. My air conditioner was broken. I opened every window inside the home. I even got a AC window unit for some relief. It hardly brought any relief. It was Sunday and the different HVAC businesses I called that will day were closed. I left a message for them, but they of course did not get back to me until the following week. The very first HVAC company that called me back was the one that got my business. Screw reviews, I just wanted AC again.  I told them that my air conditioner was broken and has been since Saturday night. They asked for the details and I provided them with the needed things. An HVAC technician paid a visit to my house later that day. He inspected my air conditioner and assured me he would get it fixed asap. He made a few trips forwards and backwards to his van. I recognized he was working as easily as he could, but it seemed like the air conditioner had been broken for weeks rather than days. As the day was wearing on, the house seemed to become hotter. I was so relieved any time he came inside and said that I could turn my air conditioner back on. He said all was fixed, then he gave me a number to reach him at. He said that if the air conditioner broke again when his business was closed I could call him at that number and he would come examine it that day. I was very excited.  After I rotated the air conditioner back on, and got rid of the window unit.

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I won’t settle for poor quality HVAC

It is usually interesting to me to go searching at what cars are on the road. I just recently got a whole new one, nothing fancy, but I like to see what others are driving. Now that I know the costs of more cars (from recently just purchasing one) I enjoy driving past and seeing what other people drive. As sad as I felt, it was time to see my vehicle go. My passenger door was held closed using a bungee cord and one time the cord ripped and my friend almost fell from the car! I had no radio, only cds and the audio system was nothing to brag about. I’m not the best driver on the globe so the front of the car was held together with some rope. I like responsible that I had such a bad car. I loved that car and had it for decades. It was like my closest friend and it was GREAT with gas. Until it got a leak inside the tank. The final straw however was when the air conditioning went. It was the centre of July and a scorching 89 degrees outside when it did quit. I drove for an hour with my head hanging from the window and was almost about to faint. The heating unit still worked until the cooling part completely died. I’m not somebody who deals well with the warm air, so once that HVAC device went, it had to be replaced. I wasn’t concerned with the price tag, this girl needed air conditioning.

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Heater repairs

My parents first met while they were at a ski lodge, and me and my sisters grew up skiing and being on the slopes. My mom and dad always had a dream to one day own their own lodge, but with the hectic agendas of me and my siblings it was hard to find the time and the money. One summer my dad had gotten word that he was going to be laid off, when him and my mom talked they decided this was a sign and they should pursue their dreams. They spent the entire fall planning on this and next October they bought the necessary land. It wasn’t big but it was a good size and was perfect for a small little ski hotel. My dad was in charge of all things outside meaning the slopes and the equipment. My mom my was accountable for everything in the lodge like decorations and the heating equipment. When owning a ski lodge it is important to have heat considering that the skiers are all tired as well as usually pretty cold from skiing throughout the day. My mom went through countless hours of research to be sure that the HVAC system she purchased could heat the entire lodge and also heat it for long amounts of time. My mom wanted to ensure that she wouldn’t have to stress about overworking the heating equipment or it being a problem. Then she would have to do a heater repair. When she finally purchased her system it was one of the nicest heaters around. It had an app that went with the heater so that my mum could either control the temperatures with the thermostats or from her office on her phone. After a year of setting things up and putting these parts together my parents finally got to work at their dream job.

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How the HVAC industry works

I hate to admit it but my job can be pretty boring. It is definitely not the worst job to choose from but I would never say that it is my dream job. I did attend college but unfortunately I was unable to complete all four years so instead of a Bachelor’s degree, I got my Associates degree. That is alright since the degree at least got me a job for now, but honestly I’d really like to go back to school soon and finish what I started. My father got sick while I was a sophomore and in order to spend more time with him and help my mother look after him I stopped going to school and moved home. I do not regret that decision in any way because my dad is much healthier and happy now. The job I have now though is as an HVAC technician. Since I am a new employee and don’t have much in the way of higher education or work experience, I mostly fill the hours and shifts that no one else wants. The HVAC company I work for is one that offers 24/7 service, so somebody is always working around the clock. For most of the overnight shifts, I am the one working them. I love the heating and cooling industry a great deal but I do not love the hours I must work at my company. There is rarely someone who calls at 3 in the morning because their A/C unit quit working or it is making funny noises. Those calls almost always happen during the day. So while I am working these terrible hours, I am also not getting much experience.heating system

A new cooling system would be great

Tennis is the best sport. I have played since my parents enrolled me in the club league for my town when I was younger. When I was a young child, I did not like playing in the beginning. They hired a private trainer for private lessons but at the time I did not appreciate it. I was practicing four days each week and I thought it was a waste of time. I always wanted to be hanging out with friends instead but I knew the amount of money my parents were paying for me to train so I did not stop. I am so glad I stuck with it because now I really enjoy tennis. I mostly play singles but some days I play doubles matches. I enjoy both, but singles is without a doubt harder and more exhausting. I feel like most people don’t even realize how hard tennis can be. I am constantly running forwards and backwards and moving around. I burn several hundred calories per match. My body is in great shape because of playing tennis. The worst though is when I have to play on an outdoor court. I live in a warm weather climate, so playing outside is similar to playing in a sauna since it is so hot. I love to play indoors where there can be an A/C unit running. It definitely makes it easier if there is an air conditioning since I am constantly running around. I always do much better playing on an indoor court when air conditioning is available. My worst matches have all been played outside.

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Dated HVAC system

I live in a super small, cramped, and ugly third floor apartment. I’m attempting to save money to eventually obtain a house. My rent is low priced, but unfortunately, I pay all of the utilities. The heating and cooling units that manage my temperature control are in poor condition. The equipment is very old, ineffective, and not energy efficiency. I am cold during winter months, and too hot all summer, and yet my utility bills are still far too pricey. I have installed a smart thermostat.  It  helps to keep my heating and cooling costs at a minimum. When I eventually buy my house, I will be taking the smart thermostat with me. For now, I live with an air conditioner that coughs and whines, and makes my whole house smell like moldy cheese. It constantly leaks water, and sometimes burps a great blow of dust into the air. My furnace sounds a lot like a vacuum cleaner and alternates between blasts of hot and freezing cold air. When I called up an HVAC contractor to service the HVAC equipment, he told me the unit wasn’t worth keeping. Since I have no choice but to maintain it, I asked him to clean and adjust the HVAC unit the best he could. I have some heated blankets on my bed that help me out in the winter, and I drink a great deal of ice water in the summer. I keep hoping the HVAC system will malfunction completely, and force my landlord to upgrade to somewhat more efficient model. I am a bit worried that he would then raise my rent. While my tiny apartment is not the greatest, I am hoping I won’t have to live there much longer.


My favorite temperature

On Friday nights, my hubby and I hire a babysitter and go out on a date. We’ve already been to all restaurants in the neighborhood.  We wanted something new, so I asked a coworker for a recommendation.  She suggested a local Chinese restaurant that I had heard about before.  She told me that the egg rolls were really spectacular.  I went ahead and made a reservation.  Once we got inside the place, I saw that it was utterly packed with people. We were really lucky to have a table.  Once we were seated, I noticed immediately that the temperature was way too warm. There was definitely no air conditioning running.  There was also no dehumidification going on.  It  felt almost as if we were swimming in a heated swimming pool. My husband suggested that the management was probably   too cheap to cool the place down sufficiently. This sounded strange in my opinion.  Why would  a popular place risk losing customers to save a few dollars on their energy bill.  I would think that air conditioning on a Friday night would be a priority. We spoke with the manager, who told us that the problem was with the air handler.  They had an HVAC technician scheduled to show up the next day.  In the meantime, the restaurant was way too hot, stuffy, and uncomfortable. We noticed condensation forming on the ceiling above us.  We were a bit worried about it dripping on our table.  Because of the lack of a working cooling system, we did not enjoy the experience. When we head out again next Friday, we will look for somewhere new to try.  I won’t go back to the restaurant with no air conditioning.  Even if they get it fixed, I will be worried about spending another sweat evening.  The egg rolls just weren’t worth it.  

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Radiant flooring for my home

Not too long ago, my husband got a really big promotion at work. I was so proud of him, and so excited for the future. We had been basically living in a tiny condo for the last four years, and now we started talking about building our dream home. We had been eyeing this piece of property over the lake. It had been up for sale for over a year, and they accepted our bid immediately. It’s a beautiful piece of land, with a great view. We contracted with a builder and decided on a model with 4 bedrooms together with 3 baths. It was 2700 square feet, with a large kitchen as well as a great room. We had a lot fun picking out everything with the house. We decided on beautiful cabinets and also the countertops, and picked the lighting along with the floors. I had always wanted a home with heated floors and the builder said that they would be perfect in much of our home. The tile floors with the kitchen and great room would be cold in the winter calendar months, and the radiant floor heat would make them a lot more comfortable. Also the heat from the floors would assist in keeping our heating costs down overall. My husband thought it was such a good idea, that we also decided to have heated floors installed on our back patio. I couldn’t wait to take some cool fall evenings on the patio, and feel the warmth that would radiate from the floor. What a good plan that was. I am so excited to get started living in our new home.

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Staying cool

Yesterday evening was our 25th wedding anniversary. My husband and I decided to have a romantic evening. We both had been looking towards it for a long time. It seems that we never get the opportunity to get away just the two of us. We planned on taking a carriage ride through the city, then stopping for a cocktail at that charming little place where we first met. It hadn’t changed much within the last few 25 years. It was a landmark in this particular area. Then, we had dinner reservations at a restaurant at the top of the tower. It was a fashionable spot, with only about 20 tables. The view was spectacular. You can see the entire city, up out to the lake. It boasted a famous chef and we had heard from others that the meals were to die for. We were having a good time. It was a beautiful night for the carriage ride, and we were feeling silly after our cocktail. We rode the elevator to the restaurant, and when the elevator doors opened, we were hit by a blast of cold air. It was like walking into a fridge! The air conditioning was blasting so hard, it was like a frigid wind was blowing through the place. The hostess immediately apologized, and said they were working on repairing the thermostat. The girl offered me a jacket, which I gladly accepted. The food was spectacular and they must have fixed the thermostat because when dessert came, I did not needed the jacket.


How to fix that air conditioner

Surviving in a small town means anyone and everyone helps each other out. I love a small town because you know each other. It is a superb atmosphere to live and operate in. Everyone is willing to help out if someone is in a pinch. I am always happy to help my neighbor. I had the chance to do just that last saturday. I got a call one Saturday from my neighbor next door. They were trying to install the window air conditioners in the windows of their home. These window air conditioners are very large and heavy. They usually get remove for the winter and then pulled back out in the summer. Window air conditioners are hard to move around. When my neighbor called I said I’d be right over. I knew my neighbor has not been strong enough to move those window air conditioners around themselves. When I arrived my neighbor showed me the spot where the window air conditioners were stored. There was three of them to be moved and installed. I grabbed the initial one and struggled to pick it up. The first one went inside the living room. Each window air conditioner is capable of cool one small room. They’ve been not suited to cool a sizable area so you need quite a few of them to cool the residence. The second one went in the downstairs bedroom. Both of these first two air conditioners weren’t hard to install. The third one was meant to be installed on the second floor, though, which was much harder. Maybe my neighbor could evaluate a central air unit.HVAC tune-up