More harm than good-HVAC

I try not to doubt anyone that I meet. When they tell me stuff about them I oftentimes trust their words. I trust that we will not lie about who we have been. I met a guy the other week who claimed to be a great HVAC specialist. He said he repairs HVAC systems for people at all times but it is not his full-time career. It is just something he learned over the years. I was excited because I was having some major difficulties with my thermostat and I was wishing he could mend them. I invited him over to accomplish this for me and I paid him as well. I was very grateful for his help rather than paying much more to hire a real HVAC technician. A few days later this old thermostat stopped working again and I was not able to get ahold of the guy who I’d met. I thought that maybe the dude took my money and ran. I called for an HVAC specialist to come look at it since I had no other ideas. He looked at the thermostat and pointed out that someone had tried to play with it and he actually made my unit worse. The whole thermostat will be replaced now. I was so pissed at the entire situation. Needless to say I’m sure to be much more cautious about dudes I meet. I think it’s actually a lesson to always leave the work to the HVAC technicians considering that it is their job after all. These things can occur when letting others deal with your HVAC equipment.

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Thermostat settings for club

In the summer, I am so busy doing tons of different things that when winter can come, I am bored and look for things to do. This time around, I decided to be involved in some sort of book club. We meet quite often in different places to speak about our current readings and return books. I love it because it is a sensible way to meet people who like to socialize but also who like to read. Above all, it gives me something to undertake in the winter time in the event the weather is miserable and freezing as it tends to be. At our past meeting, we met within this cute coffee shop that had the most wonderful little fireplace surrounded by sofas and comfortable chairs. I spent more time enjoying that than I did talking about the book with the  ladies. Most times, we rotate meetings in each others houses, but I prefer to venture to a public setting so that it is less stressful having to accommodate to everyone’s heating preferences. I always keep my house at a moderate temperature inside winter to avoid costly energy bills, but most of the ladies are older and tend to want a more warm atmosphere during the meetings. I can understand because it is more at ease chatting and reading in a good heated environment during our meetings. One lady hates being in the meetings because she enjoys the cold temperatures and would rather sit in air conditioning than sit near a heating unit. Everyone is very different in terms of what temperature they prefer. I think it is easier to meet in a public setting so nobody has the pressure of setting their thermostat to the perfect setting to meet everyone’s expectations.

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Looking at wine and there are heaters

Why my best friend decided to plan a wine tour during the dead of winter this year I will never understand. She is my best friend but I honestly thought it was her worst idea yet, but I still said I would go. The winter is cold and miserable plus the weather is hard to guess. We have to drive a while away to even reach the wineries and the weather could turn bad right away when we least expect it. Most of the wineries are usually in big warehouses or are within older barns, so it is hard in my situation to understand how they stay open inside winter or even have heat systems. Although I have never been for the wine tour in the winter, I would doubt that there were actually nice heaters at the wineries. I was wrong though. When I asked my friend about this, she ensured me that most of the wineries we were going to see would be fully equipped with nice, new furnaces. So, when the day came to go on our tour, I was sure to pack extra layers in case the wineries didn’t have warm heaters. To my surprise, I found that the wineries were all equipped with very state of the art furnaces. On top of all of this, we had beautiful weather and were able to enjoy the end of our day by sitting in front of a fireplace admiring the river from our final winery destination. I was so excited that I didn’t have even put in an extra coat or scarf all day trying to keep warm. The relaxing fireplace was the right ending to a wonderful wine tour with my best friends and I am so glad we went.


Air conditioner that leaks

I am never particularly excited when the first of the week comes around, but this week I was especially displeased. My entire day dragged on at my workplace, which is completely normal on a Monday. All I wanted was to leave work, go home, make some food, relax, and have a good night’s sleep. As a substitute, I left work and came home to a massive wreck in my house. My air conditioner was dripping inside my house. There was water all over and it was a complete disaster. I had no clue precisely what happened and tried mopping up the many water drips. After discovering the drip, I called my HVAC supplier. They are quite familiar with me since I have been using their HVAC services for years and years. I frantically explained what was happening and begged for them to send out a technician. Unfortunately, no technicians were available right then and I’d to wait until the following day to get a technician come over to examine my leaking air conditioner. When a technician arrived, he acted like it was absolutely no problem in any respect. He said that air conditioners leak like that and that it was nothing to get too distraught about. My condensate line was filled with a bunch of gross stuff and it was so clogged up. The technician used water pressure to clear the line and promised me of the fact that the leak would stop. He is right. Two days later, my air conditioner still wasn’t leaking, so I am pleased. I am glad that I made a decision to call my HVAC company the minute I spotted the leak. Merely had I not called them, I would still be dealing with an unfortunate mess!

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ductless air conditioner is cool

I was recently talking to a friend whose mother is elderly. I believe she is 92 years young. She no longer should live alone, so my friend has her mom live with her for half the season and my friend’s sister enjoys her mom’s companionship for the other half of the 12 months. My friend lives here in an exceedingly warm area, but his sister lives way up north where it gets pretty darn cold for 6 months a year. Since their mom continues to get older, she really needs to own good quality air and relatively temperate housing. Here in the south, the major component of the HVAC system is the cooling system, otherwise known as the air conditioning. Here in the south, people run their heating system for only a couple months a year. At one other house, the elderly lady usually uses the heater. Her daughter up there just installed an exciting new type of heating and cooling system. It’s usually known as a mini split air conditioner along with zone control. It is very convenient with the way her house is assembled. It is a mostly open floor plan with just the bedrooms being separate, so there is one unit in the largest area, and there is a unit from each bedroom. It almost could be a glorified window air conditioner, but it’s much more efficient and present day. The HVAC zone control is awesome because it could be toasty warm in the bedroom and not quite so hot in the lounge room. This is a great heating and cooling system because you can adjust your temperature according to individual preferences of family and friends. Sounds like it would be beneficial to newlyweds too!

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Pools and the heaters

My pal and his wife just recently bought a great new house. For the first time since he was a young child, my brother has his own backyard pool. He doesn’t use it that much, but his wife uses it on a daily basis. She swims a bunch of laps as well as does water aerobics type exercises as a result to tone her arms and thighs. She is practically addicted to swimming. This is not good news because cold weather is about to be here. So, she decided to call the neighborhood HVAC provider to see if it’s possible to get a heater for the pool. Fortunately for her, the HVAC company said there was clearly a few different options available and she definitely could install a heating system to her beloved swimming pool. So, she found out that the furnace is actually able to heat both their house and her pool. My brother, then again, is not quite convinced. Syncing the furnace to heat the swimming pool is one option, but it ties the two things together and will raise the utility bill quite a bit. Another option is to install an HVAC unit only for the pool. According to that HVAC provider, that would probably be the cheap option as far as the bills go. The problem is that it is more expensive up front because the HVAC company would need to install a whole new unit. I guess the two of them will simply have to decide how important it is to allow her to swim comfortably during the winter months. She might be dependent on the swimming pool, but you will find there are much worse things she could be hooked on. I say, get her the heater for the pool!

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Good seats with bad HVAC

When my siblings and I were kids, my parents often took us to the local football games. We weren’t well-off, but because my dad was friends with a player on the football team in high school, he was able to connect us up with box seats yearly. It was something that became really special to us. So, when I grew up and had kids, I really wanted to do something like that for my children. I had to buy four box seats and it was so pricey. I’m more wealthy than my parents were back then, but it still, we spent a lot of money. But, I knew it would be worth it. Before we knew it, it was game day and I was so excited to take the kids. I got them ready and put the jerseys in the car and we drove to the game. I checked my email while going in and I had a new one as we walked into the stadium. It said that the HVAC system inside our box has been broken where they were sending an HVAC computer technician out to fix it as soon as they could. That seemed really ridiculous, but my kids and I went in anyway. As we walked in, the room was boiling hot. It’s hard to believe that there was even a heating and cooling unit inside the building at all. The air conditioner was not performing a thing. I used to work for an HVAC company and people installed HVAC equipment in a lot of similar areas. They need a better HVAC business to come and quote them, because this is just unacceptable. Hopefully by next Sunday they have the HVAC working a bit better.


So much cooling for hurt knee

All throughout twelfth grade, I played basketball, which was definitely the sport to play. Unfortunately, it was also the one game that I got injured playing. When I was a sophomore, I had two significant knee surgeries, including a split ACL. Right before graduation, I ended up having to visit the hospital again for a dislocated kneecap! All in all, I spent a ton of time hobbling around on crutches, carrying braces and bandages, and travelling to the hospital. My physical therapy appointments were on the bottom floor of the hospital, so I think that i spent more time there then at school! The one thing about the hospital that was almost unbearable was that it was incredibly chilly, no matter what the season. Even in the middle of winter, the air conditioning was at full blast. Every time I actually walked in, I immediately was freezing. Unfortunately, the air conditioning was just as strong in the physical therapy treatment office. A lot of this physical therapy involved icing a knee, and I hated it. All that air conditioning just made the ice feel even less warm. One time, I asked my physical therapist if he could adjust the thermostat within the office. He laughed, and said that the whole hospital needed high levels of air conditioning, because it helped lower the spread of bacteria and viruses. Sadly, that meant that every room in the hospital was linked to one giant HVAC system, hence the rooms couldn’t be adjusted on their own. Having to ice my knee with air conditioning vents all over me was so bad. By the time I got home, I was willing to curl up on the recliner with my knee elevated and also the furnace on full blast!

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HVAC and filters stop dust

It seems that living with my parents again has been a little rough. I don’t remember them ever before being so annoying and hard on me when I was living with them in school. Now that I’m out of college and was required to move back home to save cash, they are on my case constantly! I am going through all of my things that I currently own and getting rid of items that I don’t use anymore, in hopes to make room for whatever I brought home from college. When I go through things at home I also clean everything. I make sure that I dust my bedroom and vacuum it as well. As I was dusting my entire room I realized that there seemed to be more dust than normal. I’m lost as to why but when I looked up at my ceiling fan it was covered in layers of gross dust. I grabbed a dusting cloth wiped it across the fan blades and showed it to my father. I asked him why there was clearly so much dust accumulated on the fan. He had only one cause for it. He took me downstairs into our basement with the HVAC system. He opened the middle of it and took out the very dirty air filter. The air filter was packed with dust, and it looked exactly like my fan blades. My dad told me that it was from him not changing the air filter just as much as he should have done. That day he thought to call our HVAC technician service and clean our HVAC system. My dad had a feeling that there seemed to be most likely more dirt within the system since the air was totally clogged.

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Dressing for outdoor wedding with bad HVAC

My boyfriend’s friend recently got married nearby. I know them from going to bars together with other friends as well. My boyfriend decided to wait till the last minute to tell me he still hadn’t bought them a wedding gift yet. He had been too busy working so I’ll allow it to sadly slide this one time. I had to go to the store on my own and figure out things to purchase for his friend. He didn’t have any input as to what to get her, so I basically had to get something that I thought that I would really prefer when being given a gift. I did end up finding something for them though. It was their wedding day finally and my boyfriend didn’t know where the wedding would definitely be held either. It turns out that the wedding was outside the entire time. I had been wearing a strapless dress for the wedding! I would definitely be freezing the whole time of being there. When we were inside the tent I did not see any ductwork that would bring use the outside air and force it into a heating unit, so that once the air came out from the ductwork it would be quite warm on the inside of the tent. I asked one of this bridesmaids and she said they would bring the ductwork in from the outside of the tent once it got cooler outside then. I guess I should have been a lot more patient, but I am the kind of person who enjoys and must have heat when it’s cold out. I always have my heater running at my house when it’s cold outside and I ensure that I have maintenance checks with my HVAC provider at least once a year.

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