Keeping your home sealed

I bet that you love having air conditioning in the summer and heat in the wintertime. These things are what makes everyone comfortable and happy. We use our living space to escape the outdoor temperatures when it becomes to extreme for us. We all need to get away from some things for a while so make your home that area. Don’t let the air quality of your house suffer because your home isn’t sealed properly. How would it feel if you knew you were paying too much in energy bills because the house isn’t sealed right? This is ordinarily a common problem. Some people wonder why the bills are so high but as it happens their home is not sealed. When your home is not sealed, it loses the air in you home. The HVAC unit will work so hard, which is the reason why you pay more money. One of the easiest actions you can take is making sure all windows are tightly sealed and the doors are closed. Don’t have any open areas where heat or air will get out. If your heating bills remain the same, contact some quality HVAC technicians. He’ll review your whole system and locate the problem. It could also be the insulation at your residence. Insulation gets old and needs to be redone in older homes. HVAC technicians will usually use blown-in insulation for improving your walls. Spray foam can be used for the small open spaces. If you have any questions about sealing your property properly, call your local HVAC company for help. They can provide you with the best advice for your house.

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Put in a quality heater and see the differences!

Basketball is definitely the sport I enjoy most. I play it throughout the year. Sometimes I play for a league and sometimes I will play for fun. What is a sport to you if it’s not fun? Winter is the best time. This is when my partner and i play for my school. The full team will get together outside of practice and just hang out there. We really become a big happy family. They truly are my best friends. While hanging out one Saturday night after winning game, the HVAC system broke at one of the guy’s house. We were freezing. We did not know how to handle it. We started huddling up and making up games to get us moving around. He called his mom to tell her and she called a HVAC business. The business sent over a HVAC technician in not much time. We all ended up enjoying ourselves though. The HVAC technician learned that it was a clogged evaporator coil. They were using the heat a lot this year and that made it get very dirty. The tune up they received in the beginning of the winter had dealt with this. For some reason it needed to be cleaned again. He said there could be a lot of dirt or dust moving through the air. It is more than what it usually will be. Fortunately, we were able make use of the 24 hour emergency support. It is a great idea to make this an option for customers. Sometimes these problems can be big problems so it is best to check them out as soon as you can. This late night service may cost more but it is worth it when you’re this desperate. The heater kicked back on and the coils were cleaned in the heat pump.HVAC

How to control air quality and moisture

In the summer humidity levels in our homes can reach 80%. This not only makes you very uncomfortable, it can be damaging to homes as it leaves every thing damp. This can also trigger doors to stick and swell. Installing or adding a dehumidifier to your current system can eliminate several problems. A dehumidifier is an appliance that removes humidity from your air. Humidity can also cause fungus to grow and many households make use of the dehumidifier for health reasons. Nonetheless, many times people do not know who to discuss it with when the dehumidifier ceases working, or when there are other dehumidifier problems. Your certified HVAC technicians might help with these problems as well. Many of the problems that occur with whole house dehumidifiers resemble those of heating and air conditioning systems. These are usually based on the filters or pressure and motor problems. Freon levels have to be maintained as well. Dampness can be an issue at any point during the season. Springtime is a time to check your system so you are ready for the rainfall and summer seasons. Basements, are of particular concern over these times. I know it is tempting to try and do a lot of that work yourself. However, it is more important that you have the entire system working as it should. This is why it’s advocated to discuss your issues with a HVAC business.

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Having your HVAC serviced

Being a well informed homeowner is important. We spend a great deal in our time and money maintaining the homes and businesses that we spend time in. You would not take your car to someone for repair without looking into the reliability of the repair shop. Servicing systems in your house needs to be addressed the same way. Knowing what to ask could help you prevent misunderstandings in the long term. Before you call an HVAC specialist it is wise to know what you are asking them to do for you and what the repair is. Be sure that the technician is certified for the system that you own. Guarantee that they check for the proper levels of refrigerant along with testing for leaks in this system. Make sure that they remove any refrigerant that needs to be evacuated from the system. Checking for virtually every duct leaks can improve the efficiency of one’s system. Measuring for proper airflow of the evaporator coils and checking your accuracy of any thermostats will increase the circulation of proper temperatures. Make sure that the technician checks the accuracy of the thermostat. This can be done easily for every zone of your system. All electronic controls inside the ductwork must be checked for accuracy at the same time. Inspection of all electronic terminals is significant. All connections must be cleaned and tightened along with adding a non-conductive finish if needed. Motors can need to be lubricated and belts may need to be checked out for tightness and wear. These steps are imperative and should be addressed by way of a qualified technician. Maintaining and servicing these systems helps not just to save money, but will also help you preserve energy.HVAC service

Ventilation system

The Air Filtration system may improve your health in addition to the health of those in your home. If you have a current HVAC system, you may want to consider adding an Air Filtration system. Many people experience hypersensitivity from dust, dander, and mold that live and travel in our homes on a daily basis. Each time your heater or air conditioning turns on these are going to be pushed into the air people breathe. An Air Filtration system stands out as the answer to many of these conditions. Your professional HVAC company can install several of these systems in your existing ductwork. This eliminates more bulky standalone systems that may take up valuable space at your residence. By filtering the air and removing the irritants, you may experience a higher level of health. With the busy lives that most people lead, there is less and less time to cope with allergies and illness. Ensuring that a home has less irritants is actually key. Having your system professionally installed is simply as important as the system you get. Your HVAC Professional will inspect the system for leaks and be sure it is running smoothly. Regular servicing can be scheduled or you can buy filters from your service provider also. Keeping the filtration system clean and freed from debris is important. You are using this Air Filtration system to eliminate impurities. Changing the filter is key to keep it working properly. Just like your HVAC system, you need to make certain it is serviced properly and is kept in working order. Your health is important and the benefits are countless.

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Making your air conditioner run better

It is quite important to always have ones air conditioning unit serviced by a HVAC professional. Some people are not able to get regular maintenance and find themselves regretting this in a major way. My mother had this concern last summer with her air conditioning. She unfortunately forgot to get her unit tuned up for a year. When she tried to turn the unit on during the hot day, the entire thing caught on fire pretty quickly! Luckily nothing on the property was damaged, but the entire unit would have to be replaced. The technician that came to look at the unit told her that it might have been avoided had she just had her unit looked at by a HVAC technician. Even if the new air conditioning unit was installed, she would probably still think it is broken. She is constantly checking it for strange noises, checking to see if the air filters are dirty and is always concerned with the operation of the air conditioner. I think the technician gets annoyed with her. Every time she calls they are aware that when they come to check out the unit there will not be anything wrong. At least now I don’t need to worry about her unit breaking again. The technician did finally tell her that air conditioning units just need to be checked every 6 months. Unless there is a serious concern with the unit, it is probably gonna be fine. I hope my mom takes this lesson and stops bugging the technicians.


Different hot tub options

My Wife and i have a wonderful backyard. It is plenty of room for our dogs and cats to run around . The only part about our backyard we hate is the pool. We are starting to get older and we usually do not use the pool that much. When the children were at home they were using it. We put big money into the pool but we don’t make use of it. We have decided to take the pool out of our backyard. We are going to set up a hot tub instead. We cannot decide what type of hot tub we want. You can find so many options. We do not want to have to put a lot of cash into it. We had been putting a lot into the pool. We called a spa expert that can help us with our spa needs. He gave us four different alternatives. There was the option of getting a swim spa, a regular hot spa, an in ground concrete spa, or an above ground acrylic spa. We did not need the swim spa. It reminded us of owning a pool. The in ground and above ground hot tubs may very well be custom made for our garden. We could have some beautiful landscaping done as well. Both of us are getting a lot older so I think it might be easier for us to put in an inground hot tub. We would not have to stretch our legs way out either. We did decided that we will have to put some landscaping around it to make it look nice. Since we have had our spa installed we’ve found a wonderful place to unwind. We use the spa a lot more than we ever used the pool. The installation only took several days and was done in very little time. We made the best choice.

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Taking care of a pool

When buying a home there are so many things you have to deal with. You clean, cook, take care of the kids, the car, the pets, and so many other factors. On top of all of these things you have to decide whether you have time to do anything else. It can be a lots of work especially in summer. When you decide to buy something you should be responsible and know you have the time to keep up it. This is especially true once you have a pool. Pools need consistent care to keep clean and function properly. There are lots of ways to keep your pool area clean and running efficiently. High end pumps are great for a pool. These pumps will run efficiently and may also save you energy and also money. They will try to optimize water flow but use as little amount of energy as possible. Since they use so little energy, they make almost zero noise. Your swimming pool isn’t going to be ruined by a loud and noisy filter. Another great way to maintain your pool is by using a filtration system. A quality filtration system keeps your pool clean for a long time. This type of pool equipment always has a long life. It will help keep your pool clean for quite some time. The only thing you need to do is is clean it out with a pressure wash once in a while. This system filters out any dirt that is running through your pool. Always remember to maintain your pool the right way. Both of these systems don’t need much care and will help keep your pool up and running for a long time.pool picture

Protecting my home with a heater

I hate that whenever I turn on the news there is always some kind of depressing story. There is always something bad going on and I have to hear about it. The last news story I heard was in regards to a third world country far away. The reporter said that everyone was so poor they had no heat or electricity in their poorly constructed homes. I could not fathom living in an exceedingly cold environment like those people and not having some type of HVAC system. The story really made me very grateful for the heating unit I have invested in. The news story went on to explain that people from all over the world were donating their time and money to help keep these people warm through the cold winter months that were approaching. I myself even donated some funds because I felt so awful about it. The news story also reminded me to get my heater serviced by my HVAC technician. I did not want to be caught in the heart of winter with my heater broken down. That would put my family and my house in some type of danger. After the depressing story was over, I called my heating provider and planned a maintenance appointment. I am glad I did this because when the technician came over he said my heater definitely needed a fixing anyways! He gave me a few tips on how to stay on top of maintenancing my heater and how to manage it through the year. I hope that my heater holds through the whole winter. I also hope my donation for the poor country helped someone stay comfortable. Some people are not as fortunate as others.HVAC business

Upgrades to your smart thermostat

I just upgraded my thermostat in my house to something more modern. I have had a digital thermostat for a long time. Now, there is nothing wrong with having a digital thermostat in your home. The thermostat really does its job very well. It tells people the temperature with big electronic numbers so that it is easy to read. It is also an easy task to adjust the temperature when needed. I can always modify the temperature easily. I am an excellent senior citizen. I am not retired and do not wear bifocals. I can handle a more complex thermostat in my house. I have a ductless mini-split air conditioner now. The cooling system has multiple indoor air handlers and one outside compressor. The units are connected through a conduit. Which is a fancy word for saying they are connected through a bunch of wires leading inside and outside. The units are drilled into your wall and mounted about 50 feet apart. The ductless air conditioning system is excellent. It can be used with zone control. Different areas of your house can be different temperatures at any time. I really like this because it saves a lot of time and money. I have three kids with different temperature preferences. They can change their rooms to different temperatures. I have upgraded the thermostats and this also has made a difference. I never have to get up in a room to adjust the temperatures. The smart thermostat can be run with the touch of your phone. It is so easy. What is great too, is that the thermostat will send you notifications. You will get updates if your cooling system needs an air filter change. Also you will get notified should your system need maintenance. The smart thermostat keeps you informed all day long.

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