Xbox Live isim değiştirdi, Xbox Network oldu

Xbox Live changed name, became Xbox Network

Microsoft changed the name of the Xbox Live service. The new name of the service will be Xbox Network, but a Gold subscription will still be required for online gaming.

Microsoft has been on the market for a long time Xbox Live going to a name change in service. The company announced that the new name of the service is Xbox Network and the reason behind this change. According to Microsoft, the reason for this name change is to distinguish between Live and Live Gold services.

Xbox Live comes under its new name, Xbox Network

A Microsoft spokesperson announced the decision behind the Xbox Live name change. This name change, made simply to distinguish between regular and Gold subscriptions, was noticed by Xbox users before it was announced. Now, a complete name change is being made, but you still need to have an XLG subscription to play online games. No more service Xbox Network Can be used with the name.

So what is this Xbox Gold membership?

Xbox Live GoldIs an online subscription service from Microsoft that has been around for a long time. For $ 9.99 per month, this service can obtain in exchange for the £ 29.99 price with Turkey, and the online game “Games With Gold“It gives you access to some free games every month through”. Of course, you have a different option for this now, the company continues to offer many different options in the area of ​​subscription services, which has recently strengthened its hand. Let’s also note, now Gold subscription to play free games such as Fortnite online. not required.

Xbox Live changed name, became Xbox Network

It is also possible to access both the Game Pass library and EA Play by upgrading your Gold membership to Game Pass Ultimate for $ 1. In this sense, Xbox offers users a wide range of options. As you know, the company’s recent strategy is of great importance for Turkish players.

In recent news, we mentioned that Microsoft is in talks to purchase its voice and text chat software, Discord. Continuing to recruit popular game developers such as Bethesda, the company seems to want to increase the social interaction between its platforms. So much so that, in the event of this purchase, users playing games on PC, Xbox and xCloud platforms will be able to interact with each other. However, as there is no official announcement for now, this remains a possibility. What do you think about this subject? Do not forget to share your opinions with us and other readers in the comments section just below.

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