Xbox has new projects to be announced for 2021

It may have some surprise games that it has not announced for Xbox 2021. The news comes from the company’s program management director. Let the hype begin!

Xbox Program Management Director Jason RonaldSome of the Xbox’s ready to release in 2021 to unannounced games He said he has. Considering the stagnation that has been going on since last year, especially in terms of big games, new game news will make the players more than happy. It was a pandemic, disappointment games, accusations of sexual abuse, and for a long time gamers longed to hear from big companies.

Xbox may come up with surprise games this year

The Iron Lords podcast Speaking in part of his recording, Ronald was asked what games he expects in the coming months of this year. The answer to this question was, “Not every game that will be released this year has been announced yet.” This was the point where speculation started. It seems that more of Microsoft’s surprise moves are waiting for the right time.

All this is discussed In the Reddit thread As you can see, it is obvious that many players have some projects that Xbox will release in a short time. OK, what about these projects? Rumors Forza Horizon 5a new one from Wolfenstein until his game was overwhelmed with many guesses. However, Xbox prefers to remain silent in this regard.

Of course, another point to note here is that Microsoft has acquired Bethesda parent company ZeniMax. So for Xbox games, we will now be able to use Bethesda games in the same sentence. Xbox boss Phil Spencer, who has already said that Bethesda will “honor them” and will not interfere with PlayStation exclusive games developed by Bethesda, also hinted that new Bethesda games will come to Xbox / PC platforms. Some of the games that he hopes will compensate for this $ 7.5 billion investment, perhaps await a surprise announcement in 2021.

Xbox has new projects to be announced for 2021

Of course, Roland didn’t just say that. “I came across a lot of things inside that I was very excited to see for everyone later this year,” he said. “We’re only doing a small part of what’s really possible with the next generation consoles. I can’t get as excited about the games that have been released before, but I can say that some games are still in development.”

While there are rumors of an upcoming Bethesda / Microsoft event, what is hinted at here points more to an event expected by the end of the year.

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