Xbox konsol özel oyunu Death

Xbox console exclusive game Death’s Door review scores overly positive

Death’s Door, an Xbox console exclusive, has been flooded with positive reviews since its release! The scores of the game are quite high.

Developed by an independent studio Acid Nerve and published by Devolver Digital. Death’s Door released yesterday (July 20, 2021) for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows Store, and Steam. Death’s Door, which was released as an Xbox console exclusive game, surprised everyone with the extremely positive reviews it received. The game is on Xbox One from Metacritic 92 points alırken, Xbox Series X|S’den 87 and on the PC side 86 points took.

Xbox console exclusive game Death’s Door review scores overly positive

In the game where we control a crow with a shiny sword, we use melee weapons, arrows and magic while fighting a wide range of enemies consisting of creatures and demigods. The review scores of Death’s Door, where we get stronger by improving our character and abilities with each passing minute, are quite high. It is also very pleasing that the game, which was released yesterday with a price of $ 20, has special pricing for our country on the Xbox and Steam stores. Game In the Xbox store at 56.25? on the Steam side if 50?. While Death’s Door is an Xbox console exclusive game, it remains unclear whether it will come to Xbox Game Pass yet; but the probability of it coming in the future is very high.

Xbox console exclusive game Death's Door review scores overly positive

Although the graphics look very nice and sweet, there is a gloomy world to explore and a lot of secrets to be revealed in the game. The game also features mechanics inspired by souls-like productions. While Death’s Door is a very high quality production that offers us an average of 6 hours but a full adventure, it has surprised everyone with the praise it received. You can check out the game’s launch trailer below.

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