Annesi Xbox şifresini değiştirince eve polisleri çağırdı

When her mother changed her Xbox password, she called the cops to the house

A player living in the Halton region of Canada complained about his mother to the police for changing his Xbox password.

Day after day, let’s not come across an interesting news from young game lovers. This time our news comes from Canada. A gamer living in the Hamilton district near Detroit complained of his mother to the police for changing his Xbox password.

When the Xbox password was changed, he called the police

Considering that playing games has become so common, we can say that there are many game lovers at a young age. Of course, although most of these players are running horses on their consoles, some parents can interfere with their children according to the violence element in the games as they should. Some are trying different methods to limit the hours played.

A mother living in Hamilton changed the user password so that her son could not open the console. Thereupon, the boy found the solution to call the police and complained to his mother. The player who called the police home to intervene, of course, could not find a response to this request. On the subject of social media accounts, explanation Halton Police Station officials stated that they never thought they would announce such an incident, but that it happened.

Of course, more details about the incident have not been given. As we said, it was probably only at the call stage, but we can say that the kid probably darkened his eyes to access online games (Fortnite?) What are you thinking?

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