Twitter Gelişmiş Arama nedir? Nasıl kullanılır?

What is Twitter Advanced Search? How to use?

Thanks to Twitter’s advanced search, you can easily find the first tweet post by pinpointing. So how is this feature used?

Twitter advanced searchis a feature that you can use to pinpoint what you’re looking for. Unlike normal search, it allows you to filter your search results according to your wishes in many different ways. You can customize your search results in many different ways, from general to specific. You can even find the first public tweet on the platform. With this detailed Twitter search feature, you’ll save time searching for exactly what you want to find.

We can say that Twitter advanced search is a feature that reveals the power of the Twitter search engine. We will share with you how to use this feature, in which areas it will work for you and its details. This search engine feature, which filters your search results according to the parameters you specify, has been designed in great detail. First of all, where will this feature be useful to us? Let’s talk about that. Of course before all this feature Note that you must be logged in to use it.

What does the Twitter advanced search feature do?

  • Shared between two dates you specified
  • Contain the exact word you are looking for
  • Contain any of the words you are looking for
  • Does not contain the word you specified
  • Posted only with the tags you choose
  • Published only in a language of your choice
  • Shared by an account of your choice
  • Sent in response to the person you specified
  • The person you specified was mentioned
  • Have the minimum number of likes, replies or retweets you entered

You can reach tweets.

Search for tweets between specific dates – Twitter advanced search

You can use advanced search to find tweets shared on or between specific dates. Thanks to this filtering, you will be able to access all posts published only on a specific date or between two dates. To set up filtering, click “at the bottom of the Twitter advanced search interface.Dates“You need to edit the part.

As you can see in the image above, it is divided into two different sections called “From” and “To”. Here, the upper part determines the date your range will start, and the lower part determines the date on which it will end. Let’s test what we learned with an example application. In this example, we will search for tweets containing the words “Merlin’s” or “Kazan” from January 1, 2021 to March 1, 2021. You are free to choose your own words.

  • Type the words you want to search in the “All of these words” section
  • Choose your date range at the bottom
  • Press the blue “Search” button at the top right

Find the first tweet

Tweets published between the dates you specified and using the words you selected will be listed. You can also use this filter to find the first tweet. Let’s give the clue, first tweet Published on March 21, 2006 by @jack.

Find a tweet that contains exactly the word you’re looking for – Twitter advanced search

This feature is not only Twitter, Google It is also found in the search engine and will bring you results that contain the exact word you are looking for. To do this, you can use both the advanced search interface and the code that can be written in the search section. To find tweets containing the whole word as it is, you need to fill in the “Exactly this phrase” section on the advanced search page. At the same time, if you type the word you will write in the normal search section with quotation marks, you will only see tweets containing the exact word you searched for. So let’s consolidate what we learned by doing an example.

Twitter search engine

As you can see in the image above, you can search for the exact word you want on both the search interface and the normal search section, and also on Google.

Find results that contain “any of the words you searched for”

You can use this feature if a search result containing any of the words you are looking for will work for you. Even if the word you are looking for appears in two different sentences, the relevant tweet will appear as a result of this query you make with Twitter advanced search. This feature is usually not for pinpointing, but can help you find many tweets about a topic. It is very simple to use, if you type what you want to search in the “Any of these words” section on the interface, it will list the relevant results for you. You can get the most comprehensive search results among Twitter search settings with the help of this filter.

Find tweets that do not contain the word you specified

This feature is quite functional when used with others. Let’s go straight through an example without getting into complicated terms. For example, we will search for “Best PlayStation 4 games” but we do not want Cyberpunk 2077 to appear. After typing in our search for the best PlayStation 4 games in the “all of these words” section, we will have to type Cyberpunk 2077 in the “None of these words” section. In this way, all tweets containing the word Cyberpunk 2077 will be deleted from our search results. When we write “the word we do not want” in the search section, it will give us the same result. For this example, our code should be “Best PlayStation 4 Games – Cyberpunk 2077”. You can use it in the web interface as shown in the image below.

How to use Twitter advanced search?

Find only tweets posted with the tags you choose

It’s also very easy to find tweets shared with opened tags on a topic you follow. for example #Gaming Suppose we follow the hashtag and want to see the tweets shared with that tag. Of course, this does not mean that we can only search for one tag. You can search for multiple tags if you wish. Just type the tags you will search for in the “This tag” section and click the “Search” button at the top right.

Search by Twitter tag

You can search for any or more tags as in the example here. It is also possible to display search results only in the language of your choice. Twitter advanced search also offers a language filter for you. Simply enter your search word and select the language you want to see results in from the drop-down menu. Your drop-down list should look like the following, if no language is available, you have to enter your search word. In this way, you can customize your search results according to your region.

Search Twitter by language

Make calls to the account of your choice – Twitter Advanced Search

Find shared tweets from your chosen account

You can search for the tweets he shared, the replies he received and the posts he mentioned for an account you specified. With the advanced search feature of Twitter, you can filter the person you choose. To do this, you need to use three different sections in the advanced search section. Let’s explain this filtering method with an example.

Use of Twitter advanced search

With the username you enter in the “From this account” section, you can only see tweets from that account. For example, if you want to see the tweets of @MerlininKazani account, you can type from: MerlininKazani in the search field. Or, as we just mentioned, it will be enough to write @MerlininKazani in the “From this account” section. The search results will only belong to Merlin’s Winner Twitter account.

Find the tweets that come in response to the account you selected

You can also use advanced search features to find replies to the tweets of your chosen account. If you type the username of the user you are looking for in the “To these accounts” section of the advanced search interface, you will be able to see the responses of that user. You can look at the image below by proceeding from the same example.

What is Twitter Advanced Search?  How to use?

Find tweets that mention your selected account – Twitter advanced search

Besides the two situations we mentioned above, you can also find tweets mentioning an account you specified. For this, you need to write the username of the account or accounts you have selected in the “Mentioned about these accounts” section. The results will be filtered according to your search, and you will see the answers and tweets with the answers.

Finding tweets with Twitter advanced search based on the number of interactions

You can customize the tweets you see in your search results according to their interactions. This is again a feature that you can restrict to the features we mentioned earlier and clarify your search results. For example From @MerlininKazani account Let’s list the tweets that have been shared and received more than 100 likes. For this, what we need to do is write “@MerlininKazani” in the “From these accounts” section and make the “Minimum Number of Likes” section under the interaction tab 100.

What is Twitter Advanced Search?  How to use?

These were the details we were going to convey to you on the subject. If this post worked for you and you found it informative, don’t forget to mention it in the comments and follow us for more. Yours!

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