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Western Digital AN1500 review

In our Western Digital AN1500 review content, we take a look at the performance and general features of this storage unit installed from the PCIe port.

Western Digital AN1500 It offers a storage solution that has NVMe standard and you can use it from the PCI Express slot. I have been using this model for a while and during this time I have been able to test it as both the main disk and my backup disk. Since it has a high rate of writing and reading, you can use it as a backup and process your projects on this disc, as well as throwing the games installed on your computer on this disc can be a very logical move. Come now Western Digital AN1500 Let’s take a look at the general features and tests of the model together.

First of all, the model I use is the version with 1 TB capacity. Apart from this model, there are also 2 TB and 4 TB versions of the same series. The company has offered different solutions according to your needs in this way.

Western Digital AN1500 review

Western Digital AN1500 review

When I look at it as a design, I can say that it is an extremely stylish model. Especially the RBG lighting on it and positioned in the form of a strip will satisfy the users who are curious about this issue. I can say that it provides a really nice appearance in the case with the color flow. Apart from that, two cooling plates were used in the storage unit. Even with heavy use, it operates at 50-55 degrees and these plates prevent the storage unit from heating as much as possible.

In addition, thanks to the WD Dashboard application, you can interfere with this RGB lighting and use one of 13 different lighting models as you wish. My favorite is the Rainbow lighting that was active when you first put it on. Again, through the software, you can provide compatible lighting with your other hardware. Through the application, the necessary adjustments are also included in order to work with RGB systems of companies such as Asus, Gigabyte, MSI and Razer.

Western Digital AN1500 review

Thanks to this software, tracking the status of the storage unit is also made easy. You can see both the status and optimization of the disk from this application. It is also gratifying that the program has Turkish language support.

This storage unit, which uses its own architecture, offers read speeds up to 6,500 MB and writing speeds up to 4,100 MB on paper. When we go to Western Digital AN1500 tests, it approaches the figures on paper with 6398 MB / s as reading speed and 4232 MB / s as writing speed in Crystal Disk Mark application. In the ASS SSD application, we see that the numbers drop one more click. In this program, we see that it gets 5317 MB / s as reading speed and 3918 MB / s as writing speed. When it comes to file transfer, we see that it copies a 40 GB file in just 24 seconds, which is indeed a time that will give the user a great advantage in terms of time usage.

Western Digital AN1500 review

There is no mess of cables, as we plug the storage into the PCIe slot like a graphics card. It has a structure that provides both data flow and power directly through this slot. At this point, the biggest problem is that the internal hardware of your safe is also suitable for this.

In order to get full performance from the AN 1500, you need to have X8 or X16 support in the PCIe slot on your motherboard. For example, I tested this product on the Asus Z390-f and this motherboard has this support in the middle slot. I also used an RTX 3090 video card so I had to use the GPU on the motherboard as the video card during the test. Because there is a PSU part on the bottom of my case and the RTX 3090 model is a double slot (large) card, I could not properly insert the two cards into the case. Anyway, this is the biggest handicap of the WD AN 1500 model. For this reason, you should definitely pay attention to the support of your motherboard and your case layout.

Western Digital AN1500 review

At the end of our Western Digital AN1500 review, this model has both speed performance I can say that it offers a good performance with its design. If you are looking for a storage unit to use from the PCIe part and you want this storage unit to run fast both in games and video jobs, I can say that it is one of the models you should check out.

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