SpaceBourne geliştiricisi Burak Dabak ile röportaj yaptık

We interviewed SpaceBourne developer Burak Dabak

We had an enjoyable interview with SpaceBourne developer Burak Dabak. We asked questions you wondered about. The sequel is on its way!

Burak Dabak, who developed the game that was highly acclaimed globally like SpaceBourne by struggling for years alone, accepted our interview proposal. So we asked him some questions that players would like to hear from him. “SpaceBourne 2We got answers to the questions “will it come? Will the content for the current game continue to come?”

Who is SpaceBourne developer Burak Dabak?

Merlin’s Cauldron: First of all, thank you for accepting to interview us. If you don’t mind, can you introduce yourself to us?
Burak Dabak: Subject. I am Burak, I am 36 years old. I have been in the game industry for about 25 years. I have been a writer for some local magazines before. I did my first game project in 2004, but I was not successful. At that time, game engines were not accessible to everyone and the phenomenon we call “independent producer” had not yet been formed. Later, after developing a game with Unity for a while, I switched to Unreal Engine and published my first game Mesel about 5 years ago.

Merlin’s Cauldron: What was your motivation for developing your first game MESEL and entering this sector?
Burak Dabak: The gaming industry has always been an area I have been in, somehow. In fact, the first attempt at this business was purely for mod development. Then I started doing my own things slowly.

We interviewed SpaceBourne developer Burak Dabak

Solo game development also has its challenges

Merlin’s Cauldron: Your second game SpaceBourne is getting rave reviews from local content producers. We also reviewed it and liked it very much. Of course, the drum sounds pleasant from afar. What was your biggest challenge in the development process?

Burak Dabak: To be honest, SpaceBourne got more likes than I expected. Therefore, the development process took a long time. It was a fully arcade-based game with a straight story theme, about 2-3 hours of gameplay when I first released SpaceBourne in 2018. However, it didn’t take me long to realize that a serious audience of hundreds of thousands of players was looking for a good space game. Consequently, I developed the game in line with the demands of these players. For 3 years, I made it a completely different game with hundreds of updates. The most challenging thing for me in the development process was moving forward in this way unplanned. When you start a project, if you do not proceed by planning from the first step of the game to the end, everything starts to get together after a while and this is a waste of time.

We interviewed SpaceBourne developer Burak Dabak

What do you see on the horizon? SpaceBourne 2 got its word!

Merlin’s Cauldron: The game went to full version in mid-2020, after two years of early access. It has been updated continuously during early access, reaching its final form today. Now, eyes are on the new content to come to the game. Do you have any future plans to release DLC or expansion packs?

Burak Dabak: I no longer intend to develop SpaceBourne. A single game took me about 5 years. For this reason, I will turn to SpaceBourne 2, which I have developed in parallel for the last few years. I will share the promotional video of SpaceBourne 2 with you very soon.

Merlin’s Cauldron: So do we hear about new projects from DBK Games soon? If you are working in this direction – if you do not mind, we will be very happy to hear small details.

Burak Dabak: SpaceBourne 2 will be very different from the first game. During the SpaceBourne 1 development process, I add everything that the players demand, but cannot be added to the game due to technical reasons, to SpaceBourne 2. In addition, I will present the things that the players liked in the first game from scratch in a more fun way. Therefore, I am very hopeful of the 2nd Game.

We interviewed SpaceBourne developer Burak Dabak

We asked some advice to our enthusiastic youngsters

Merlin’s Cauldron: Now we come to the indispensable question of every interview. What would be your first and most important advice to those who want to develop games in our country?

Burak Dabak: I do not know if I am qualified to advise those who want to develop a game. However, I would like to share a few humble opinions. First of all, play lots of games to make a good game. We cannot expect someone who has never read a book to write a good novel.

Secondly; I know hundreds of people who entered this sector, but the vast majority of them stopped pursuing this dream in a short time. The biggest reason for this is that their goals are too big and they realize that they will not reach their goals soon.

So don’t get into this business with a game idea. Start with realistic small projects. If you walk with small steps, you will have less difficulty and since the obstacles you encounter will not be insoluble, it will not deter you that quickly.

I would like to thank Burak Dabak for answering our questions on my behalf. We look forward to proudly announcing his new projects. If you still haven’t played DBK Games’ space-themed game, you can visit the Steam store page. For game developments DBK Games web page Don’t forget to follow. We also wrote a review for the game, you can also find it by clicking here. Yours!

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