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We can hear exciting things by Half-Life

Valve’s Robin Walker said in his statements that there were big doubts about Half-Life projects even within the company. Yet they are looking for ‘excitement’.

Valve’den Robin Walker, Half-Life He made statements stating that his fans might be excited about the new possibilities. Talking about the ‘possibility’ of a new game to the series, Walker still didn’t say anything about Game 3. The excited wait continues. “The suspicions that Valve is working on a new Half Life were also very lively within the company,” he says.

Valve’s Robin Walker speaks of “possibilities” for Half-Life

Robin Walker, one of the company’s most senior developers, previously played a key role in games such as Team Fortress, Half-Life, and Dota 2. Recently TheGamerHe told a joke about the company’s Alyx and upcoming projects.

“In the first few years of development, many people at the company were skeptical that we would be developing and releasing a new Half-Life product. This doubt within the company was at least as alive as it was outside. After a while we began to give in to the idea that we could never do it.

Robin Walker says “Fear is a good motivation.” she says. Referring to Alyx’s coming out as a virtual reality experience, he said, “The worst thing we can do is present a bad Half-Life game. But if we make a game worthy of its name, people will be able to experience it over time.”

Exciting news may come from Half-Life

The most interesting aspect of the interview was that the story uncertainty that fans complained about after the HL2 episodes was brought up. By the end of Alyx, things had changed. While discussing the ending of the game (no spoilers), Walker says:

“We are aware that this is an important thing. The story ignores it. to everything that will come from now on it cannot be something you can go on. We also knew that Half-Life fans were stuck in some kind of narrative ambiguity. We wanted that to change, too. “

Again, by staying away from the spoiler, Alyx had the feeling that it could end with an open end and something could follow. “We wanted to get a little excited about the new possibilities,” says Walker. “We sent you a game where you know how to end with a perfectly reasonable ending, and then we reversed it, which were really important elements. It took a lot of iteration and finally the right pieces came together.”

Gabe NewelWe can still be excited about Half-Life 3, which has now become an internet deer, considering the statements that l will focus on single player experiences for Valve in recent months. Let’s see what time will show us.

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