Watch Dogs Legion Online çıkış tarihi ertelendi

Watch Dogs Legion Online release date delayed

The original game’s multiplayer mode, Watch Dogs Legion Online, has been postponed until an uncertain date. There is no official release date yet.

In the first place, planned to be released on March 9 Watch Dogs Legion Onlineis now postponed until an uncertain date. A new statement was made by Ubisoft for the game that will promise a multiplayer experience through this skeleton while staying true to the dynamics of the main game. With the new announcement, the release date of the PC version of the game will remain uncertain until a new date is announced. There is also a delay for PlayStation, Xbox and Stadia versions, but a new date has been set for them.

Watch Dogs Legion Online postponed to an uncertain date

One of the biggest problems of today, “hardware incompatibility” has also emerged for Watch Dogs Legion Online. The development team reported on Twitter that they identified an “issue that could cause the game to crash for players with certain graphics cards”. They are working to fix the problem and have decided to delay the launch date of the PC version of the game until the problem is fixed. “We will inform you of the new launch date as soon as possible.they say.

The announcement also includes the multiplayer Xbox, PlayStation and Stadia versions of Legion. 23 MartIt has been reported that it will be released. Here, too, a bug was detected that caused the game to crash in a different game mode, and they are working on it. “We are working hard to fix these issues and to provide the best gaming experience for all players,” says the developer team. They end their sentences by thanking the actors for their understanding and patience.

Watch Dogs Legion Online release date delayed

The first release date for the game was announced as March 9 in recent weeks. Hardware incompatibility, which is a problem with today’s games, has also knocked on Legion’s door. While the new release date for console versions is March 23, 2021, PC version We do not have a date yet for. The number of games that have been postponed since last year is not too low. With the effect of the pandemic, I think “games cannot come out without delay at least once” among the standards of the industry.

For those who wonder about the game

They will offer a new multiplayer experience while retaining the importance of some of the mechanics found in the main game. In addition, different game modes will also take place in Watch Dogs Legion Online. Ersin Kılıç, from our site, also tried this game on site and prepared a full preliminary review for you. If you are curious about the structure and details of the game, you can go to our preview by clicking here. Do not forget to mention your opinions in the comments.

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