Warzone yeni harita detayları sızdırıldı

Warzone new map details leaked

Call of Duty Warzone new map details have been leaked. The theme of the game goes back sharply to the days of the Cold War. Details are in our news!

While the prospects for Warzone new maps already exist by Call of Duty fans, exciting developments continue to occur.

Want to know more about the Warzone new map? It seems that Warzone’s first large-scale map, Verdansk, will be removed / replaced in April of the second season.

Warzone new map release date

Warzone’s new map will likely be released on April 22. This is the same date as Season 2 ends. The developers had made changes to Verdansk much earlier in the middle of the season, but the highlight and expectation of Season 3 will definitely be the new map (s).

Warzone new map details leaked

First on Twitter @OnThinIce shared by; The ad caught while in progress was confirmed to be genuine and showed Warzone new map pieces from the 1980s. At the end of this, Warzone new map will replace the current Verdansk.

A sharp return to the Cold War

Looks like the new map; It will be a remake of Verdansk, a major city of Kastovia, a fictional country featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. In the leaked images, known parts of Verdansk such as the stadium and the dam under construction will be replaced by Cold War era symbols. It can be seen that many areas such as the airport, TV station and city center are recreated in 1980s style. However, Warzone’s new map content will also include some cult and quite new locations for Warzone, such as Duga-2 Radar in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s Ashes to Ashes (15-B) mission.

Two developer studios, Raven Software and Infinity Warfare, are indispensable and familiar to all of the Call of Duty series; They aimed to bring the story of Cold War together with the Zombie mode and Warzone. Verdansk is based on Modern Warfare’s scenario mode and is currently about 37 years ahead of the Cold War schedule. Warzone new map studies have been done for a long time. Verdansk’s passing in the 1980s coincided more closely with the release of Call of Duy: Black Ops Cold War last November.

Everything we know about the Warzone new map is here. Unfortunately, the video was shattered shortly after it was leaked thanks to takedown notices from Activision. All that’s left is VGC There have been some very low resolution pictures taken by:

Warzone new map details leaked

Warzone new map details leaked

Warzone new map details leaked

Warzone new map details leaked

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