Warzone Mara operatörünün aktörü iki hileciyi tespit etti

Warzone Mara operator’s actor spotted two cheaters

Call of Duty: Warzone is again coming up with cheating news. This time the publisher, who plays a character (Alex) in the game, caught the cheaters.

Day after day, let’s not come across a new Call of Duty: Warzone cheat news. But the topic we’re going to talk about today is quite interesting. Due to the efforts of Alex Zedra, who portrays the Mara character in the game, the accounts of two broadcasters suspected of cheating in the live broadcast have been suspended. Now you have read the article “If you are cheating while playing Call of Duty Warzone, do not do it”, which I wrote as someone who was not surprised what headline to write on the cheat news. If you haven’t read it, we’ve mentioned a bunch of logical reasons why you shouldn’t cheat.

If you’re really cheating while playing Warzone, DON’T!

We passed the actors, now even in live broadcasts cheaters started to appear. BeardedBanger and Sarah “Icy Vixen” Belles, Call of Duty Modern Warfare & WarzoneOperator in Alex Zedra as Mara caught using cheating by. Zedra’s allegations are that the duo used a wall hack and aimbot. On top of that, Icy Vixen was suspended first. The account of BeardedBanger, who boasted that he would be a Twitch partner in 12 days, was also suspended. After watching those moments, I think when you get this news, you will say “Oh well done”. Because, well done!

“Thank you to Twitch for banning the most toxic cheaters I’ve encountered in my five years on this platform,” Zedra said. All of this actually begins with Alex Zedra calling BeardedBager for suspecting that her girlfriend is cheating. BeardedBanger also says stupid things like “I don’t watch people, I slap through.” After these toxic responses, things are heating up. Not satisfied with this, he starts to shake his audience. You can see it from the video above.

So if you are cheating in this game, really don’t do it. Look, they banned 20,000 people just late last year. I recently read a scientific article about people who use cheats in games, and I will soon compile what I learned on this topic and share it with you.

How to use the Warzone Report system?

This system was established not to prevent cheaters, but for people to track their own records. Simply go to the Call of Duty Twitter account to the relevant post –click here– You write your gamertag with the hashtag #WarzoneReport. With a visual specially designed for you, you can access some statistical data such as Killing / Death. In addition, this will make it easier for you to find suitable teammates for you.

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