Valorant’s new agent Astra is introduced

The Ghanaian agent Astra, whose reputation with its different characteristics spread before him, is ready to fight in Valorant from March 2.

Valuing will offer its masters a wide range of tactics Astracan change the battlefield in his favor by using the energy of the cosmos. As the 15th agent of the game, Astra is always a few light years ahead of the enemy’s next move, with full control over his Astral journey and vast strategic foresight. The power source of the new agent, whose homeland is Ghana, is Radiant.

Astra can keep the entire map in view

Designer Jordan “Riot Wrekz” Anton commented on the development process of the agent: “We wanted to bring Astra a Control Specialist with the whole map in mind. We’ve done a lot of fine touches to anticipate the movements of enemies and identify the right abilities to balance the situation and react to the ever-changing course of the game. The bird’s-eye view pushes the player to different directions and strategies for the different directions the tour may take. ”

AstraStating that they were inspired by African futurism while designing the theme of the, Character Producer John Goscicki, “Rising on the map and placing the ‘star’ is the biggest part of his power. We have found great representations in the theme of African futurism and space that we can use for this purpose. We worked on character details with a consultant from Ghana in order to include these elements properly. In terms of gameplay design, the theme of space and especially the phenomenon of gravity has been a great source of inspiration. We thought it was perfect for a character who puts stars and activates them. His ability to use unique and versatile abilities in terms of game mechanics enabled us to create a character who looks at things differently than other agents. ” said.

Astra’s latest skill descriptions are as follows:

C: Gravity Field

Place a star (X) while on the Astral Passenger.
ACTIVATE a star to create a Gravity Field. Players within the radius are drawn to the center, and then the center explodes, making the players inside vulnerable.

Q: New Darbesi
Place a star (X) while on the Astral Passenger.
ACTIVATE a star to explode into Nova Impact. After collecting power for a short time, Nova Slash explodes, stunning all players within its area of ​​effect.

E: Nebula
Place a star (X) while on the Astral Passenger.
ACTIVATE a star to create a Star Cloud (smoke).

F: Cosmic Resolution
USE (F) to reclaim a star with Cosmic Resolution. You can reinsert the removed star after a certain period of time. Cosmic Resolution briefly creates a false Star Cloud in place of the star before it rotates.

X: Astral Traveler / Cosmic Separation
ACTIVATE to become the Astral Traveler, where you can star with the BASIC SHOOT button. The placed stars can then be activated to transform into Nova Impact, Star Cloud and Gravity Field.

When the Cosmic Discrimination skill is ready, select a location by pressing the SECOND SHOT button while in Astral Passenger, and a second location by pressing the BASIC SHOT button. An infinite connection of Cosmic Separation is formed between these two points. Cosmic Discrimination blocks bullets and sounds greatly suppresses.

Valorant's new agent Astra is introduced

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