Valorant VCT 1. Aşama Masters Türkiye

Valorant VCT Phase 1 will compete in the Masters it was apparent that Turkey team

Turkey will start on March 12 in VALORANT Masters Champions Tour Challengers VCT 1 stage curtain closed

VCT Challengers 1. Masters will take place in Turkey at the end of major combat lasted for 3 weeks in Phase 8 successful teams were announced. BBL, CSE, FUT, NOF, OXG, OS, RARE, ZZ; VCT top 8 teams in the challengers to Turkey rose Masters stage. It is located between the teams with 8 No Org Founder joining forces with the Wildcats announced fastpay Masters fastpay Wildcats will fight with the same team as in Turkey. Teams will start collecting points for the chance to make their way to VALORANT Champions, which will take place at the end of the year at the Masters, which will start on March 12 and span over two weeks.

VCT Champions Masters first step on the way to Turkey …

VCT Masters competition, which will begin on March 12, which will be divided into two groups of eight teams competing in Turkey. Teams in groups will compete in matches of 3 maps. Teams that lost two matches will be eliminated, and teams that have won two matches will advance to the next round. The semi-final competitions will start with a total of four teams from two teams, from this stage on, the single elimination format will be made. The semi-finals will be played as a match of 3 maps and the final as a match of 5 maps.

Each region, along with the prestige provided by VCT Masters, will mean lap points for successful teams. Collecting tour points early will also allow teams to get off to a good start to their chance to participate in VCT Champions, the biggest VALORANT esports final of the year.

Masters competition will begin on March 12, phase lines in Turkey!

Masters found the competition a chance to share their trump card in Turkey eight successful teams in the group stages 12-13-14-18-19 March. The semi-finals will take place on March 20 and the final matches will take place on March 21. Broadcasts will open at 17.00 on all match days, and matches will start at 18.00. All these exciting encounters will be on VALORANT Espor’s Twitch and Youtube from channels will be broadcast live.

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