Valheim lag sorunu geliştirici tarafından açıklandı

Valheim lag issue explained by developer

The developer made statements about the Valheim lag problem on the Steam forums and shared his opinions on possible solutions.

Although it gets more and more popular with each passing day Valheim lag sorunu It’s an early access game with many serious problems, including The new independent production, which managed to become one of Steam’s most played games and crushed its milestones by saying “these are nothing for me”, sold a total of four million copies according to the latest shared data. However, that doesn’t save him from sharing the same problem with many independent releases in early access. In fact, some of the problems it has are really annoying.

Explanation for Valheim lag problem: The game is not P2P

Some players say that the lag problem they experience when playing co-op is due to the game’s P2P (Peer-to-peer) network structure. Of the game “very sensitive to a player with a bad connection“This explains why I have incredible latency problems with my 16mbps internet. No matter how much I searched for the solution on the Internet, I came across articles that were quite far from the solution such as” Check your modem, update your driver “. sewed to the statement.

Developer “Richard” also On the Steam forums Valheim made a comment on the problem of lag. He says that every player is in the world and deals with the events happening around him with his own connection. This was due to the fact that the world of the game was procedural. This system “allows too many physics objects to run without overloading servers” for them. Considering that there are quite a lot of physics objects in the game, we can say that their approach is logical. However, these delay problems affect the multiplayer experience very badly and the game needs to be overhauled in a short time for the long-term health.

Valheim lag issue explained by developer

As for the solution, Richard wrote, “I have some ideas on how to improve the system, but it is very complex and not easily fixable.” Currently, this is the clearest explanation for the Valheim lag problem. If you are also experiencing this problem and there is no hardware or software problem in your internet connection, you have to wait for an update from the developer. I will follow this situation closely and try to convey the developments to you as quickly as possible.

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