Valheim Hearth and Home güncellemesi geliyor

Valheim Hearth and Home update coming

The Valheim Hearth and Home update is the first major update for the game and is thought to focus on house building mechanics.

The most popular survival game of recent times Valheim Hearth and Home It will come with the update. While the developer hasn’t shared a lot of details about the update yet, we have enough information to keep us happy. Recently, developer Iron Gate announced that the game had sold six million copies and a new update is on its way.

Valheim Hearth and Home update will focus on building houses

While the studio has not yet shared detailed information about the new update, a new visual from the game’s lead artist Hearth and Home update shared. If we look at the name they set for the update, it will bring in new materials that can be used to build the home and its surroundings. This means that the building system, which is one of the strongest aspects of the game, will become even more enjoyable. Also this Iron GateIt’s just one of the many updates it plans to release for its popular games.

Valheim Heart and Home update is coming

The game, which turned Steam upside down in terms of sales, had a great success. Although six weeks have passed since the game’s release, sales have already exceeded six million copies. These are really great numbers for an early access game. He is working to please the players he has achieved with many major updates, such as Valheim Hearth and Home, which overtakes many AAA games in sales. In addition, we can say that the team works very hard to fix the errors and problems reported.

As you know, the developer recently made new statements about the Valheim lag problem. With an update that followed, they quickly managed to find a solution to this problem, and today, at least, there are far fewer problems with latency than in the early days. However, since it is an early access game, many patches are released for the game that contains many bugs. These are efforts to improve the gaming experience. We have prepared a lot of content about the game for you on our site and we will be following the developments for the Valheim Hearth and Home update. What do you think about this subject? You can express your views in the comments section below.

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