Valheim rehberi: Hayatta kalmak için ipuçları

Valheim guide: Tips for survival

This Valheim guide will assist you as you move from the bottom of the food chain to the top. Only the strongest survive, right?

With its brutal world, Valheim promises both a sweet and difficult game experience for the players. Its randomly generated world, divided into different biomes, offers different offers for each player. Although it may seem easy at first, it gives you time to get used to, and then it is really challenging. Our Valheim guide article has been prepared for you to explain the basic rules of survival and what you need to do as you progress in the game. We hope it helps!

Valheim Guide: Only the strongest survive

Although it may seem simple at first, you will find yourself swimming in the sea of ​​details as you progress. We are talking about a production that gets more complex as it progresses and presents this complexity to the actor as a struggle. What we can call the best survival game of recent times ValheimYou need to know some small details in.

1.) Physics objects in the game can hurt you

In Valheim, physics objects can damage you and anything it hits. I’m still looking forward to the release of the number of players killed by trees in the game. So check where the trees you cut down will fall and run away from there immediately. It can damage you by falling and hitting you. Due to the nature of the game, you do not take everything from you when you die, but it will be a waste of time to go and get your items back.

2.) Do not say necessary unnecessary, try to produce everything

In the beginning you will be able to craft axes, sticks, hammers, and torches. Produce all of these strictly and keep them in your inventory. In the first place, the torch will be more functional than the stick to take down enemies. Enemies you hit will continue to take both the torch’s melee damage and fire damage. After the enemies are burned, you can continue hitting them with the stick. After setting up your machine, your first priority is to produce bow and arrow. This will help you a lot in the future. You can craft buildable objects out of your inventory with the help of a hammer, but you must first craft a workbench. You can only build structures within the range of the loom.

Valheim guide: Tips for survival

As you progress, you will discover new mines and move into new ages. Here you will be able to build various stations to melt mines, to provide coal resources. By making all these stations, make an effort to produce everything you can. Make chests for storage and sort your chests into categories. Working regularly is very important and Valheim expects hard work from you as you play.

In addition, you can quickly produce your loom and start producing your armor from there. After producing the bow and arrow, hunt for a long time, kill the wild boars and deer around. With the resources you can get here, make your first leather armor and see how to wear it quickly. This is very important in order to survive longer in your progress. If you want to use melee weapons, have a shield. It will definitely protect you from some attacks, at least until you are fully used to the game.

Important: When your items are broken, repair them from the counter instead of making new ones. This is a detail that does not catch the players’ eye in the first place, but there is some kind of repair button on the interface of the counter and when you press it, it repairs everything in your hand and on you respectively. Without any repair cost.

Definitely make a bed – Valheim Guide

If you don’t want to be reborn from where you first started the game when you die, definitely make a bed. By owning the mattress you have made, you can ensure that you are born from there every time you die. If you put the bed in a safe place and next to the fire, you can sleep forward in time. This will also be a solution for you if you don’t want to play in the dark at night.

3.) Keep yourself full and consume three kinds of nutrients.

If your character consumes three kinds of food, it means that both the health and the stamina bar are filled to the end. Try to constantly provide at least three kinds of food sources such as mushrooms, meat and honey. By breaking the hives, you can collect the queen bees and produce your own honey. By setting up your own field with the seeds you find, you can create departments that provide you with a food source while you deal with other things. In addition, by hunting, you can meet your leather, leather scraps and meat needs.

Valheim guide: Tips for survival

You will be able to prepare your meals by collecting the ingredients in the future. This will give you extra features and you will need it on your journey towards completing the game’s goal. Boss battles can be quite challenging at times.

4.) Make sure you are fully prepared when going to boss battles.

Repair all your items, get potions and various boosters with you. At the same time, make sure that you are eating three different types of food and your health is full. Although Eikthr, the first boss in the game, does not offer a tough battle, the enemies that come afterwards raise the bar quite a lot. When you kill Eikthr easily, do not make the mistake of “it’s easy, I’ll go like this”. They may be disappointed.

Valheim guide: Tips for survival

5.) It may take some time for you to understand the building system – Valheim Guide

The game has an elaborate build system and it may take some getting used to. Each block you put on top should be supported by a column from the bottom. Although not immediately, unsupported blocks can break over time and I cannot describe how annoying this is. Also, do not forget to cover the perimeter of your base. The enemies who attack at regular intervals start hitting the surrounding structures when they are unable to harm you. If you haven’t covered the perimeter of your home, the first target will be your home’s columns and walls. Choose to damage the outside walls first, as you can repair them later with the hammer.

Valheim guide: Tips for survival

Also, your countertop or any production station you build should be covered with a roof. This includes your mattress. Campfires should be uncovered, as the game has smoke poisoning mechanics, so make an effort to design a chimney even if you make your fire inside the house. At least the top of the fire will not allow you to place games without it being already open.

6.) Mark the location of things you encounter on the map

You can save them thanks to gems located where you need to bring items to start boss battles. However, it will be very convenient for you to mark the locations of other objects on the map. Mark copper mines, troll caves, and even places you find very dangerous, saying “Go here later”. To do this, open the map, double-click on the place you want to mark, type the name, then press enter. You can also select the icon you want to put on the right.

Valheim guide: Tips for survival

7.) Collect lots of flint – Valheim Guide

Flint, which you can find on the water’s edge, can be collected just like stone without any tools. It is useful to carry a lot of these with you. Axes made with flint will be more durable and allow you to cut trees faster. At the same time, you can fight harder against your enemies with the knife you will make. You can hunt by throwing flint spears, and by making flint-headed arrows you can spend less time cutting trolls. Do not try to fight the trolls with melee weapons, instead, shoot and run away to fight the way we call a kite. Trolls are strong enough to kill an adult Valheim player in no more than three hits. Of course, a tree that they hit accidentally will fall on you.

8.) You can’t dig without killing the first boss, Eikthr – Valheim Guide

You need a dig to collect fragile resources such as tin mines and copper mines, which you can find on the map. In order to produce Pickaxes, you have to win the Eikthr (Deer) boss battle and get the loot. If you have made your arrow, bow and armor, you can easily kill it with a little effort. But beware, stay away when he uses the ability that damages everything within a certain range.

Holding the right-click in battles and jumping in directions allows you to dodge

When I started the game, I could not realize this for a long time. When you jump left and right in the block position after arming your weapons, your character dodges. This allows you to avoid blows. Don’t forget to use it. This may be the most important little detail I will give in the Valheim guide. In this way, you can get rid of the damage that will kill you suddenly and thank me.

9.) Swimming causes you to lose energy, don’t go deep

Swimming in the game causes you to lose stamina and energy. When you run out of energy, your soul starts to go away. While playing Valheim, build a raft instead of going from one place to another completely swimming. You can produce three different vehicles to travel on the sea in the game. Don’t forget to do these. Traveling by swimming doesn’t seem very logical.

10.) Use portals

Valheim guide: Tips for survival

As you progress through the game and continue to explore the map, your travels will take longer. By making several different bases, you can travel between them according to your needs. You can do this through the fastest portals. To build a portal, you have to go to the black forest and kill “Greydwarf”. Eyes falling from here are one of the portal materials, others are not hard to find, but these eyes can only be obtained by killing greydwarf.

Valheim’s guide is all for now, and I haven’t completely finished the game either. I will update this post as I learn and share with you what I’ve learned. If the guide was helpful for you, be sure to mention it in the comments. Stay with love and play.

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