Unreal Engine 5 heyecan verici görünüyor

Unreal Engine 5 looks exciting

New details about Unreal Engine 5 have been shared and the software is available for early access. With revolutionary new technologies, UE5 will show off in the next generation.

As you know, we met Unreal Engine 5 for the first time last year and saw some of the prominent features of the engine. It seems that Epic Games will make revolutionary innovations in the field of game development in the new version of Unreal Engine, the engine that has been highly preferred by independent developers and even large companies in recent years. They are working towards removing some of the limitations experienced by the developers in the previous version of the engine, especially with two different technologies, Lumen and Nanite, which they announced earlier. However, important steps have been taken to ensure that even the smallest independent teams can successfully complete and enrich their projects. In a presentation made yesterday, while the features of the engine that were not discussed before were mentioned, new information was given that will make independent developers happy.

Unreal Engine 5 now available for early access

Epic Games’ game engine has brought the game engine to where it is today, both by hosting the user-friendly Blueprint visual programming system and creating opportunities for artists and developers with the features it offers. Unreal Engine 5, on the other hand, will bring some crazy-sounding technologies with the engine’s past features. The engine, which is already available for early access, is now available to users. Click here You can get more information.

Coming to the presentation, here the technical features were highlighted as the engine’s interface was looked at for the first time, and the big door opened as a result of the cooperation with Quixel for independent developers was shown. A huge library of Megascan models is available to game developers completely free of charge. They show us new features with their new technical demo project called “Valley of the Ancient”. You know, they used such a special name before. Contrary to the presentation made last year, this time they showed the video of the demo running on both PS5 and Xbox Series X. Last year they only showed it on PS5. We have not seen very ambitious new generation games in terms of graphics yet, but Unreal Engine 5 seems to open the doors of this.

The software, which is said to offer developers great opportunities in terms of lighting and performance with Lumen and Nanite technologies, can be downloaded and tested on Epic Games Launcher. In addition, it is expected that you will not have big problems while moving a project that you developed in previous versions to the new version. Of course, this is directly related to the size and scope of your current project, so there is nothing definite about a smooth transition.

Unreal Engine 5 looks exciting

In addition, Quixel, which offers many opportunities for developers under the roof of Epic Games, will also be integrated into the Unreal Engine 5 interface. In previous versions of the game engine, the platform that developers can access externally is added to the engine, making it much more practical. However, many new and old megascan assets and thousands of free objects for partition design will be accessible. This means that Quixel will be even more accessible with UE5, as an exquisite library that independent developers can refer to in the field where they are struggling. However, many different technical innovations that you can see in the presentation come with the new version of the engine.

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