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Unknown facts about games

Changes in development or much more different details, we look at unknown facts about games in this video.

When we look at the unknown facts about the games, we see that many different stories await us. We see. Whether it is a computer or a console, there are different stories behind each developed game.

Unknown facts about games

Unknown facts, canceled games or completely changed productions in development. Among them are even the most popular games of today. In this list we have compiled for you, we reveal the unknown aspects of many games.

God of War

Our first guest is Playstation legend God of War. In God of War on PS2, there were two statues at the end of the game. When you hit them, normally nothing happens. But if you repeat this 250-300 times, they eventually break. The event starts after that. In the encrypted code on the screen, a number starting with “1-800” that can be accessed from America appears. The callers get involved in a conversation between Kratos and the director of the game, David Jaffe. The speech continues for a while but the end of the speech is not very good for David ..


After the success of the first game, Capcom wanted to release a Resident Evil game where we could use swords. Following the start of the development process, Capcom thought it was not a good idea, but did not throw the project away. This game led to the birth of the Onimusha series, one of the PlayStation 2 legends, during the development phase.

Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry is actually a game that emerged during the Resident Evil 4 development process. The production team tried to turn this new game of the series into the Hack and Slash genre. Producer Shinji Mikami felt the series had strayed too far from its survival horror origins and gradually convinced the entire staff to make an independent game. Eventually the story was rewritten to take place in a world full of demons, and the hero’s name was changed to Dante.

Unknown facts about games

Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed and Prince of Persia series are two of Ubisoft’s major brands. Many theories have been put forward that these two brands may have a relationship. They are not considered unfair either. The Assassin’s Creed series would actually be a spinoff of Prince of Persia. The name of the game was Prince of Persia: Assassins and it tells the story of a female assassin tasked with protecting a prince in Jerusalem. After about a year of development, Ubisoft canceled the project, believing that the idea was not focused enough on the prince. The game paved the way for the birth of the Assassin’s Creed series as we know it today.


No one knows that your big-bellied hero is out of Donkey Kong. However, you may not know where Donkey Kong came from. The game was originally developed as Popeye’s game. Mario was cast as Popeye, his lover was Olive Oyl, and the villain Donkey Kong was Bluto. Before the game came out, Nintendo lost Popeye’s rights. However, Shigeru Miyamoto, who did not want to give up the game, turned this project into a Donkey Kong game. Donkey Kong made his Nintendo boom again, which was sinking at the time.

Unknown facts about games

Tomb Raider

Animator Toby Gard, who was on the core team of Tomb Raider, wanted to make a movie directed by a male character looking for treasure in the Egyptian pyramids. The resulting character was almost exactly the same as Indiana Jones. They quickly turned the lead character into a South American woman. His name was Laura Cruz. But then the team started wanting a name that was more appropriate and sounded more satisfying in the UK. The team decided to go into a phone book, search for a name and use the last name “Croft”.

Unknown facts about games

Silent Hill

The fact that the environments used in games are generally designed by being influenced by a place or a city leads us to research on this issue. The school in the first game of the Silent Hill series was not actually a fiction. It was a model of the school used in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie The Kindergarten Police.


In the first game of Diablo, we hear that when our demon appears, he says evil words that sound meaningless. But did you know that these are very meaningful? When you listen to what he says in reverse, we hear him say “Eat your vegetables and brush after every meal.” In Turkish, “Eat your vegetables and brush your teeth after every meal”

Sonic the Hedgehog

Did you know that a gene in our body is called Sonic the Hedgehog? There is a gene in the human body that separates our right brain from the left and determines that we have two eyes. The symbol for this gene is SHH, or Sonic the Hedhehog. The person who named Gene is an Englishman named Robert Riddle. Because this gene has a thorny appearance, Riddle chose the name Sonic, which he saw in a game magazine he was reading at the time. Also, let’s not add, Sonic first appeared in a racing game called “Rad Mobile” as a keychain hung on the mirror.

Unknown facts about games

The Legend of Zelda

Shigeru Miyamoto, the producer of The Legend of Zelda games, does not hide his intense love for Disney characters. He says that Link, the main protagonist of the series, was also very influenced by Peter Pan in his character design.

Unknown facts about games

Bonus: Super Mario

Nintendo has licensed Mario-focused pornographic films. There are two pornographic films that Mario is in. Super Hornio Brothers and Super Hornio Brothers 2. Nintendo bought the rights to these two movies. The justification is, of course, to prevent this film series from being shot again.

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