Ubisoft Plus Xbox Game Pass servisine eklenebilir

Ubisoft Plus can be added to Xbox Game Pass service

The news that can be added to the Ubisoft Plus Xbox Game Pass service, which first appeared at the beginning of this year, has come to the fore once again.

Ubisoft Plus Xbox Game Pass The claims that can be added to the service came up once again. In the first days of 2021, there were reports that Microsoft was knocking on the door of Ubisoft for this partnership, but this was not official afterwards. Ubisoft Plus Xbox Game Pass New rumors about his partnership came to the fore once again in the past hours.

Will Ubisoft Plus be added to Xbox Game Pass?

It was previously claimed by Jez Corden, one of the editors of Windows Central, that this service, where we can play Ubisoft games, will be added to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions. At the beginning of the year, Jez Corden stated the possibility of this partnership as quite high, but refrained from sharing his sources on this issue. The claim that Microsoft, which maintains a similar partnership with EA Games, has started negotiations with Ubisoft to further strengthen its hand this time. is being.

Ubisoft Plus can be added to Xbox Game Pass service

EA Play was added to the Xbox Game Pass system

The EA Play Game Pass collaboration was announced last year and the productions belonging to the EA Games brand were added to Microsoft’s subscription service. In fact, this delay and anticipation in the PC version has recently ended and EA Games games were also offered to players using Game Pass on PC. Microsoft, who is very pleased with this partnership, has knocked on the door of Ubisoft this time to expand its library. If this deal is announced as well, players will indeed have reached a huge library with a Game Pass Ultimate membership.

There are currently two different subscription models for Xbox Game Pass. With the subscription, which has a monthly price tag of $ 9.99, game lovers can use the Xbox Game Pass service on the PC or console side. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription allows you to use this service on both PC and console, as well as includes Xbox Live Gold subscription and EA Play games. The price of this subscription package was stated as $ 14.99 per month. In other words, if Ubisoft Plus games are added to this service, game lovers with Ultimate subscription will be able to access Ubisoft’s games in this service free of charge at the same price.

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