Türk oyunu Fernvaille desteklerinizi bekliyor

Turkish game Fernvaille is looking for investors

Fernvaille, Turkey’s first crowdfunded game, is seeking support from Turkish players to complete the production.

Fernvialle, the project that Negentra has been working on for 1.5 years, started the campaign process as Turkey’s first game project submitted to share-based crowdfunding. Anyone who wishes can support the production of the game with the assurance of CMB and Takas Bank. The producers, who say that Fernvaille in the Battle Royal genre will support up to 200 players, believe that such a game to be released in our country is an important investment tool for the Turkish economy.

Turkish game Fernvaille is waiting for your support

The company, which has set a target of 430,000 TL, will proceed as a Joint Stock Company if this figure is collected. Investors will also have a share. Investments will be collected at Takasbank, a subsidiary of Borsa Istanbul. Although there is no certain lower limit for the investments you can make as an individual or as a company, the upper limit is 20,000 TL. To support the campaign, which will continue until August 1, 2021 click.

Scope, Purpose and Subject of the Project

Fernvaille is a game that takes place in a parallel universe where very lethal nuclear leaks spread to the atmosphere of the world as a result of an accidental nuclear explosion, and these leaks are constantly circulating around the game island through the wind circulation. It is a last-winner game where the players try to get rid of the island by getting into a life-and-death war with iconic characters from history and other players without getting caught in a nuclear leak, and getting off the island by getting on the rocket in the city, which is placed in a giant glass capsule built to protect from the nuclear leak in the center of the island.

Turkish game Fernvaille is waiting for your support

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