Türk asıllı iş insanı Sina Estavi, ilk tweet için 2,9 milyon dolar ödedi

Turkish-born businessman Sina Estavi paid $ 2.9 million for the first tweet

The first tweet published by Jack Dorsey on the Twitter platform was bought by Turkish businessman Sina Estavi for 2.9 million dollars.

Posted on Twitter first tweetWas bought by a businessperson of Turkish origin. CEO Jack DorseyThe first Twitter post that was published 15 years ago when it was setting up the platform has been at auction for a while. In the end, it was sold to Sina Estavi, a businessperson of Turkish origin, who made the highest bid. Estavi paid $ 2.9 million for this post. The income earned here will be used for charity.

Found the first tweet owner, sold to Turkish businessperson Sina Estavi

BBC Based in Malaysia, as reported by Bridge OracleEstavi, CEO of Twitter, completed the purchase, making the highest bid in the auction for the first tweet on Twitter. He will be given the metadata and digitally signed certificate of Jack Dorsey’s tweet “Just setting up my twttr”. from here you can see.

Estavi thanked Dorsey yesterday for accepting the offer and said “I’m glad the income will go to the charity”. He continued, “This is not just a tweet. I think years later people will understand the true value of this tweet, as in the Mona Lisa painting.” You can see his Twitter post right below.

Sina Estavi paid $ 2.9 million for the first tweet

After the purchase was announced, Estavi’s profile also attracted many visitors. A user asked “How did you get the Turkish language out?” He gave the answer “I am originally a Turk” to the question. The proceeds from the sale of Jack Dorsey’s (@jack) post, the first tweet on Twitter, will be used for auspicious business. The income of $ 2.9 million from this is to help the poor in Africa. Give Directly will be donated to the organization named.

How do I find the first tweet on Twitter? If you ask “What is Twitter Advanced Search? How is it done?” Do not forget to read our article. Here we gave you tips on the tweet in question and how to find it. Now, you can easily find this tweet purchased by Sina Estavi with the help of the information in the article.

Who is Sina Estavi?

Sina Estavi, a cryptocurrency trading platform Cryptolandand Malaysia-based Bridge Oracle. It has made history by making the largest payment for a tweet by this time. He also explained that he was originally Turkish upon the questions. So what do you think about this subject? Do not forget to share your opinion in the comments.

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