They built the Eiffel tower with 40,000 blocks in Valheim

Valheim players have built a massive Eiffel Tower in the game using 40,000 blocks. Minecraft winds continue to blow.

Yes, that happened too! In the game of Valheim, some patient and determined players laboriously built the Eiffel Tower. In Valheim, where we see new content on the internet as the most popular game of recent times, players know no boundaries. Yes, although they use cheats and make things easier, it is still not that easy to do.

An Eiffel Tower in the world of Valheim

The Minecraft analogy, which we frequently emphasize for Valheim, shows itself again. The projects that the players transfer to the game from both the world and their creative world continue at full speed. Once upon a time, Valheim became the new favorite of gamers who gave their hours to build something in Minecraft. Vot Te Game The video uploaded to a YouTube channel named “Eiffel Tower” shows how the Eiffel Tower was transferred to the game. The structure, which is 124 meters wide and 400 meters tall with blocks, is several hundred times larger than any structure you may encounter in the game. Let’s repeat before sharpening your bronze axes and starting work, cheating was used in this building. Just like the “Creative Mode” in Minecraft, Valheim has a mod that you can unlock with console commands. This means that instead of generating blocks to place them, you can add them directly to your inventory with codes. provides.

Even if you enable the flying mode and unlimited resources, it is still quite difficult to build the Eiffel Tower. The players who do say that they used exactly 40,000 blocks for this structure. Also, although the video above is time-lapse, it is 7 minutes long. This summarizes how hard the players worked to build this structure. The tower is so high that snow forms on its upper floors. I should also say that my perspective on my matchbox house, which is my source of pride, changed when I saw the wonderful projects these actors made. If you have such projects, large structures and original designs, I would love to see them.

They built the Eiffel tower with 40,000 blocks in Valheim

If you still haven’t played Valheim and are wondering what it looks like, you can read our early access review. In addition, we have tried to touch on topics that will help you in many content we have produced for the game, you can visit them from the bottom.

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