Hogwarts Legacy oyununda transseksüel karakterler olacak

There will be transgender characters in Hogwarts Legacy game

Hogwarts Legacy, the Harry Potter RPG game, will allow players to create transgender characters. Emir from the great place …

After long discussions, a new decision was made for the Harry Potter RPG game Hogwarts Legacy. The developer team decided to be more inclusive, especially after JK Rowling, who created the series, was the subject of allegedly transphobic and “fanatical” minority controversy on the internet. The developers at the Avalanche studio, taking the management in front of them, wanted to create transgender characters in the game. provides.

Transgender characters can be created in Hogwarts Legacy game

Last year Rowling was on her Twitter account perceived as transphobic He had made several comments and was therefore highly criticized. This has led many Harry Potter movie actors to support the transgender community, including co-stars Emma Watson and Eddie Redmayne. public announcement has resulted.

Reactive move from developers to author!

Warner Bros. “According to a Bloomberg report citing anonymous sources at Avalanche studio, some members of the developer team struggled to make the game as inclusive as possible in response to the author’s comments. As a result, after starting the game, players will be able to create characters with a masculine or feminine voice regardless of body type. Another example Cyberpunk 2077’de we have seen In addition, the selection of these characters as “witch” or “witch” will determine the region from which they will begin.

There will be transgender characters in Hogwarts Legacy game

Some members of the Avalanche team are also pressing for a transgender character to be added to the cast of the game, according to Bloomberg. “Some people who are familiar with the project say that at first there was resistance from the management on this issue, but currently character customization is included in the game, “he said.

Another worrying incident with Hogwarts Legacy occurred on the side of the game’s lead designer. The emergence of Troy Leavitt running a reactionary YouTube channel that broadcasts videos criticizing feminism and social justice literally ignited the fuse. Resetera, one of the largest independently owned video game forums on the Internet, banned the Hogwarts Legacy titles on the grounds that the behavior of JK, the game’s lead designer and author of the Harry Potter series, was “bigoted”. Now, this move by the developer team and the game’s involvement of transgender characters could be an important step towards the long-term health of the game. You can also share your opinions in the comments.

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