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The world’s largest cheating network is on the hook

The world’s largest cheat network, which designs and sells cheats for many games such as Call of Duty Mobile and Overwatch, has been caught with millions of dollars.

I am here with a therapeutic news that will warm all of you. As a result of its collaboration with Tencent, the Chinese police broke up the world’s largest cheating network. With the cheaters caught Millions of dollars, luxury cars and many of their assets were confiscated. And they sell it by subscription!

The world’s largest cheat network has been smashed

BBC reported by Kunshan police and Chinese game giant Tencent, a joint operation resulted in the confiscation of $ 46 million in assets, including several luxury cars. The gang in question reportedly designed and sold cheats for popular online games such as Overwatch and Call of Duty Mobile. According to officials, about $ 76 million in subscription fees from group customers (629.043.260,00 Turkish Liras) earned income.

The world's largest cheating network is on the hook

It turns out that they set subscription prices for their customers from $ 10 per day to $ 200 per month. Operation “Chicken DrumstickKunshan police found and destroyed 17 gang cheats and arrested 10 people. They say the raid is “the world’s largest cheating operation” as a large amount of money and game fraud was exposed. Thus, the Chinese group, which is claimed to be the world’s largest cheating network, has been arrested.

As the player base of professional e-sports and online games has expanded, more and more tricks have sprung up, especially in recent years. Earlier this month Denuvo Anti-Cheat technology announced that it will appear on PlayStation 5. They made it available to publishers and developers through the Middleware program. You can go to the related news from the link below.

According to Denuvo, “the technology used to secure both online gameplay and securely reward offline progress has been used for over a decade to protect more than 2 billion unique game downloads on 1,000 computers, consoles and mobile games.” However, last year, id Software removed this service from the PC version of Doom Eternal after negative feedback from gamers. There is still speculation about this. So what do you think about this operation? Do you think cheaters end like this? Do not forget to indicate your views in the comments section at the bottom.

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