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The Walking Dead final season release date and cast revealed

The final season of AMC’s long-running television series The Walking Dead has released 2 trailers and shared some details.

With the final season of AMC’s legend The Walking Dead published about 2 pieces of fragmentsmay contain important clues about the 11th season. The most important point of the final season of the series, which started broadcasting in 2010, is the length of the season and, depending on this length, the season will actually be divided into three parts. In the last season of the series, in the comics CommonWealth It is claimed that the character, codenamed Mercer, will be transferred from the comic to the television.


The final season of The Walking Dead and familiar characters.

The final season of The Walking Dead will consist of 24 episodes and three episodes. According to AMC’s trailer, the first of these parts will be with us in August, but the second and third parts will come to the screens in 2022. That’s why AMC is said to have named the first trailer for the upcoming season “Trilogy”. At the end of the trailer, where the slogan “the beginning of the end” is shown, it is stated that Part One will start on August 22, and Part Two and Part Three (parts 2 and 3) will come to the screen in 2022.

Which characters will return to the screens with the final season of The Walking Dead?

While it hasn’t been announced which characters will appear during the 11th season of TWD, it has been confirmed that Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, and Lauren Cohan as Maggie will appear before fans of the series. Cohan, who left the series for a while, and even claimed that this separation will be permanent, stated that being there and returning to the series made him feel at home, both in the 11th season of the series and in the 2019 Comic-Con, where the character Maggie was certain to return to.

The Walking Dead final season release date and cast revealed

Apart from the 3 characters mentioned, it is not yet clear whether or when characters such as Carol, Michonne or Ezekiel will also appear.

What do the producers of the show say about the final season of The Walking Dead?

Angela Kang, one of the screenwriters of The Walking Dead, expresses her thoughts about the ending season of the series as follows;

“The extra 6 episodes we added at the end of season 10 focused on character-focused and smaller stories. However, The Walking Dead’s final season will be on a much larger scale than that, with many times more zombies, an action-packed adventure and one that will surprise the audience. “We’re excited to announce that this season will feature a story. During this season, not only will you be seeing places you haven’t seen before throughout the series, but for the first time in TWD history, you’ll watch entire communities come together to make up for what was lost in the Whisperers war.”

The Walking Dead final season release date and cast revealed

Although the main story of The Walking Dead universe will close with this season, AMC has already announced that TWD’s films are also in the shooting phase and will address the Rick Grimes mystery. In addition to the co-series of the universe, Fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead World Beyond, an anthology series called Tales of the Walking Dead and a mini-series about the main characters of the series, Carol and Daryl, are among the productions that fans of the series are waiting for.

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