PS5 özel olan Returnal

The production phase of Returnal, which is special to PS5, has been completed

It has reached Returnal Gold status, which will be released exclusively for Playstation 5 on April 30. So the construction phase of the game is over.

Specially developed for Playstation 5 Returnal There was new news for the game and it was announced that the game had reached Gold status, that is, the production phase was completed. This announcement was made by Housemarque, the game’s production team, and was made through the company’s social media accounts. shared. Thus, we can say that the game, which is no longer postponed, has gone from the producer to the distribution stage.

Returnal will be released on April 30 for PS5

The action side is very strong ReturnalIt was previously announced that will be released on April 30. The explanations of the production team and the subject of the game are as follows;

Returnal it eventually reached Gold status. Many thanks to everyone from Playstation Studios and Housemarque team involved in this project. We can’t wait for the release of the game and for the players to experience the planet Atropos.

About Returnal

Selene, a member of a space exploration association called Astra, makes a forced landing on a shape-shifting planet. Trapped on this planet alone, Selene has to search the barren lands of an ancient civilization and struggle to survive. He is defeated over and over again and must resume his journey every time he dies.

In Returnal’s battle scenes, you will witness stunning visual effects and battles with bullets flying through the air like hell. Each cycle will offer you new combinations. For this reason, you will have to push your limits and define different strategies in order to survive every time. With its world designed with high replayability and changing in accordance with this method, Returnal invites you to fight against new and developing challenges at every birth by throwing the dead soil on you.

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