Yeni The Day Before videosu grafikleriyle dikkat çekiyor

The new The Day Before video draws attention with its graphics

It continues to attract attention with the video The Day Before, which is one of the most talked about games of the last period.

A new, albeit short, focusing on vehicle driving dynamics The Day Before videosu published. With its announcement made in January and its first promotional video, The Day Before A video was published recently and the conflict dynamics of the game was focused on. In the new The Day Before video, this time we went out of the city and showed how beautiful the open spaces looked.

The Day Before new gameplay video has arrived

The Day Before As already mentioned, a production that combines open world gameplay with MMO and survival genres. As you can fight with other players you encounter throughout the game, you will also try to survive due to a huge zombie epidemic. We have seen both PVP and PVE dynamics in previously published videos, but we have witnessed that these gameplay videos are always taken from the city part. The new video released focuses on the open areas that we previously only saw in screenshots. We see that the players are in a sea of ​​mud with the vehicles they use in a forested area.

The production team works a little differently for new videos. they are throwing. Obviously, we do not know if these attitudes are due to the debate whether the game will be real or because of amateurism. Because they have not neglected to note a message such as “If there are so many likes, we will release the long version” in the description part of this short video.

In this new gameplay video, the visual aspect of the game has been highlighted as always. Apart from the details such as coating and lighting, the dynamics that occur when the vehicles pass through the mud also look very good. In addition, we can say that it has a satisfying visuality when talking about the surrounding sounds and birds flying in the air. Finally, you can take a look at the video we prepared earlier for the game and the general dynamics of The Day Before.

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