GTA Online yükleme süresi kısaltan mod resmiyete geçiyor

The mod that reduces the loading time of GTA Online goes official

The optimization code for GTA Online and GTA V, which shortens the loading time, is coming to the game with an official update. Rockstar thanked the developer.

Rockstar Games, GTA Online Confirmed that a fan-made solution that resolves the lousy loading time issue for the game will be official in an upcoming update. This situation, which we have reported in the past weeks, will have been noticed by Rockstar, now it will be added to the game with a new update. For those who do not know, let’s talk briefly, with the next update, the time you spend on the loading screens of the game will be reduced by 70 percent.

GTA Online load time is now 70% shorter

The mod – now t0st – from tostercx in early March was drastically shortening the game’s load times. So much so that after the optimization code was included in the game, the loading speed increased by almost 70%. Stating that this is not suitable for daily use and that there may be problems, t0st, the code GitHub had posted on.

For players who are curious about the background of the work, t0st also explained the technical dimension and what was wrong and how it was fixed. It’s a pretty technical issue, but to summarize briefly, GTA Online load time was the bottleneck of the CPU using a single thread when launching the game. In fact, Tostercx made a very assertive statement on this subject. “It takes no more than a day for a single Rockstar developer to solve.” he said.

The mod that reduces the loading time of GTA Online goes official

It looks like it took a little longer than that, but Rockstar confirmed that t0st’s findings were correct and a fix is ​​on its way. In addition, the company said in a statement, “We can confirm that after a thorough investigation, the player actually uncovered an aspect of a game code that could be developed regarding load time for the PC version of GTA Online.” “As a result of this review, we made some changes that will be implemented in an upcoming game update.”

Rockstar Games thanked t0st

Rockstar has not yet confirmed with certainty that the correction provided a 70 percent reduction. There is no clear date yet about when the update will be released. However, they stated that they are in contact with t0st and that they “want to thank him again for his efforts”. We hope that they will drown t0st in money because it has grown like hell for players who have had GTA Online loading time issues for years. Do not forget to state your views in the comments section below.

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