Last of Us dizisi oyundan diyaloglar içerecek

The Last of Us series will contain dialogues from the game

Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin stated that they will also see dialogues taken from the game for the series Last of Us.

The Last of Us series New statements about continue to come. Neil Druckmann, one of the creators behind The Last of Us, explained how the series will adapt the game to live action. However, it also revealed that some dialogues will be taken directly from the game.

The Last of Us series will take some dialogue directly from the game

Neil Druckmann, IGNHe told the show that the events of the game will not be directly retelled and that some episodes of the HBO series will deviate greatly from the original. The Last of Us series, a studio founded by Sony Interactive Entertainment to adapt the features of the original game to film and TV. PlayStation Productionswill be the first television series of. Last month, the lead roles of the names we know from the series Game of Thrones and Narcos have been announced. Pedro Pascal will play Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie. We can cite the series as a good example of the actors’ compatibility with the original work.

Speaking during an SXSW interview, game director and show producer Druckmann explained how he and showrunner Craig Mazin developed the adaptation. “We talked at length that the first season of the show will be based on the first game,” Druckmann said. For him and Mazin, “a correct understanding of the philosophical foundations of the story” is the most important element. added.

The Last of Us series will contain dialogues from the game

Druckmann said audiences would likely recognize some of the dialogue from the games. However, he stated that some important changes will also be made in the story. “Sometimes things get pretty close,” he said. “In HBO scenarios, it’s funny to see the dialogues in my game. Sometimes they deviate from the game for a much better effect because we’re dealing with a different environment.”

“For example, there are so many things in the game that you have to train the player about mechanics. In the game, you have to have more violence and vanity than you should on a TV show because you don’t have to train people to use weapons.”

After these explanations, it is obvious that we will see some connection points between the game and the series. But according to what they say, Last of Us series will deviate from the game at certain points, which is because the environments are completely different. Let’s see how Sony will transfer the success of the games to the series. What do you think about this subject? Do not forget to share your views in the comments section below.

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