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The friendship between Microsoft and Nintendo blossoming

There is a slow but surely growing friendship between Microsoft and Nintendo. What awaits the video games industry?

As you know, there is a great competition between consoles from the past to the present. These console battles force each side to do different things. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo They started to develop original hardware and games in order to add value and strengthen their brands. The results of this mentality are so far noticeable among all three companies. Nintendo is often out of this war as it focuses on bringing more interesting creations to the gaming industry like the Wii. Meanwhile, however, Microsoft and Sony continued to compete to produce the best consoles.

Sony maintained a strong lead with the PlayStation 4 in its eighth console generation. This forced the Microsoft side to do new things. Microsoft has also started highlighting that people can play their favorite games anywhere, as well as in an effort to sell their own consoles and exclusive games. Even if this situation involves exporting games to other companies’ consoles.

Play the games you love anywhere!

Over the past few years, Microsoft has become more willing to move its custom games to other platforms. If you were to tell this to any actor ten years ago, he would probably laugh at you. However, after the company bought Mojang Studios in 2014, Minecraft became playable on Sony and Nintendo consoles. This was the first big step in Microsoft’s ongoing process to remove barriers between consoles.

As games became more open-minded about how and where games should be played, Microsoft continued to open its doors even faster. One of the biggest steps in this regard was allowing the Fortnite game to be played across platforms. While Xbox and Nintendo players could play together, Sony players continued to match up with players on their platform.

The friendship between Microsoft and Nintendo blossoming

Microsoft approaches slowly but surely

This cross-play incident led to more collaboration between Microsoft and Nintendo. The outcome of this was that games like the Cuphead and Ori series were released for Nintendo Switch after they were released on Xbox.

On top of that, Nintendo likewise took a small but sure step. Steve and Banzo-Kazooi of Minecraft appeared together in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate squad. How far can this friendship between companies go, now that it’s still in its early days and has plenty of time to grow over time?

Nintendo Switch’te Xbox Game Pass

There are rumors suggesting the possibility of the Xbox Game Pass service being brought to Nintendo Switch. This move could bring along over 100 games, some of which have not been released on any Nintendo console. However, there is an obstacle to overcome in this interesting plan. Xbox boss Phil Spencer wants to expand the Xbox ecosystem to wider areas by including Xbox Live, not just Game Pass. Knowing Nintendo’s cautious approach to online gaming and communication between anonymous players, it illustrates a problem that needs attention for the company. It can also become a solid justification for preventing Xbox Game Pass from entering Nintendo systems without permission.

The friendship between Microsoft and Nintendo blossoming

To circumvent this problem on Xbox Live for Switch, one solution might be to have profanity and disrespectful behavior censored for Nintendo users. Organizing Xbox Live in this way will be an important undertaking for both parties and will prevent the online service from ending prematurely on the platform. Therefore, Xbox Live on the Switch platform brings a high risk for Nintendo.

What can Microsoft do in the future?

If we put aside the dream that Xbox Live and Game Pass services are coming to Switch, there will be a need for different things in the long run. There are other ways Microsoft and Nintendo can strengthen their business relationship and continue their mission of providing new experiences to players on both companies’ platforms.

The friendship between Microsoft and Nintendo blossoming

For example, by bringing Rare Replay to Nintendo Switch, they can garner a lot of positive returns. Rare Replay, Rare Ltd. A game collection developed by. It’s a terrific dose of nostalgia for longtime video game fans. The main detail here is that many of the games in Rare Replay were first released on a Nintendo console. It would be great to have this huge game museum come back to a Nintendo console. At the same time, this will definitely help Microsoft to sell a few more copies of the 2015 build.

Which Xbox games can come to Switch?

When it comes to determining which Xbox games may be heading to the Switch platform in the near future, the hardware development issue can add an extra burden to the processes. It’s also important to note that Xbox Game Studios is currently developing Xbox Series X games. Therefore, we cannot escape the fact that visually enhanced games such as Halo Infinite and Everwild will be limited to Series X / S.

Of course, besides these, there is another aspect of the work. As “Game Streaming” technologies advance, there is always a possibility to get rid of these problems. For example, games like Hitman 3 and Control came to Switch via cloud service in the past year. The games run pretty well on the system, taking into account the limitations of the relatively old Switch hardware where details like frame rate are concerned. As such, it may pave the way for some of the big blockbusters to come to Switch.

Old friends in new places

Microsoft allows its features to be used in other games. It seems that the tendency to do this will not decrease in the long run. As we mentioned earlier, Super Smash Bros Ultimate brought together characters from games made by a wide variety of developers such as Capcom, Square Enix, Mojang. Another character that fans are looking forward to for the game is Master Chief from the Halo series. Microsoft is not afraid that its characters appear in different games. He previously offered the Master Chief as a purchasable skin in Fortnite. Therefore there is no obstacle for another Smash Bros to not cooperate. In addition to Master Chief, Cuphead characters are starting to appear in other games. They first appeared in Ultimate as a costume for the Mii Gunner fighter and were featured in Fall Guys with a newer look.

The friendship between Microsoft and Nintendo blossoming

So what can Nintendo do?

Perhaps the hardest thing to measure about this blooming friendship is what Nintendo has to offer Microsoft for Xbox consoles. Because Nintendo wants players who want to play the games it has developed due to its structure to own a console. Still, the most important exception in this regard can be seen as Nintendo’s mobile games development. With games like Mario Kart Tour, Super Mario Run, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Nintendo has increasingly embraced this aspect.

If we look at Microsoft’s content on the Switch console and Nintendo doesn’t give much in return, we can say that this friendship is one-sided. But if we take a closer look, we can say a few things about why Microsoft is not involved in this relationship.

The friendship between Microsoft and Nintendo blossoming

Since Phil Spencer took over as Xbox President, his goal has been to take the Xbox brand to as many places as possible. Part of this effort involves bringing together xCloud and Game Pass, which allows people to play games from their mobile devices. It is of great importance that the above-mentioned games are published on different platforms, and their characters appear in different games, when looking at the big picture.

So what about Sony when Microsoft and Nintendo are like this?

Sony is far from taking firm steps in this regard yet. However, if we look into the near future, rumors and events may give some clues. Stating that he wants to spread the PlayStation exclusive games to a wider audience, CEO Jim Ryan gives the right message in general. For now, we have two big examples like Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone. We can say that the special games released for PlayStation will probably remain special for a limited time in the future. Just like the Epic Games exclusive games released on the PC platform are sold on Steam a year after their release, let’s underline that it is trying to turn TV and movie content away from the console and turn it into a game machine.

The visible village does not want a guide, it seems that console battles will be replaced by steps taken for the benefit of the player. This is the inevitable end, given the efforts of today’s games to expand their target audience by going to many platforms simultaneously. The game development cost, which has already increased with the new generation, forces all companies to do this. As a result, the smiling face is – we hope – the players.

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