Klasik FPS oyunu XIII GOG üzerinde ücretsiz oldu

The classic FPS game XIII became free on GOG

It was free on XIII GOG, which is among the classic FPS games with Cel-shaded graphics. Don’t forget to add it to your library.

One of the best games of its time with cel-shaded graphics –not remake, original version– It was free on XIII GOG. Although the remade version released in November 2020 was disastrous, we can say that the original game offered an enjoyable FPS experience. After the remake release received overwhelmingly negative reviews on Steam, distributing the original version seems to be a kind of way of saying “Forget the remake, it’s nicer”.

Free on original XIII GOG

In fact, one of the biggest problems of the XIII Remake that crashed while it had the potential to be a good game was its bugs and performance problems. Considering the graphics, although it is pale compared to many games released today, it is obviously not something bearable for gamers to have such difficulties while playing it. As such, fans who have high expectations from a classic FPS game have bombarded the game with negative reviews. The 2020 version, which is not as entertaining as the first version of the game, which was first published in November 2003, over can be. XIII GOG We can say that the free version you will get from offers both a nostalgic FPS texture and a lot of fun.

The classic FPS game XIII became free on GOG

The game will be distributed free of charge on GOG until April 1, 4:00 PM TSI. Like all free distributions on GOG, this takes a short time. There have been short short free distributions on this platform before. Therefore, it is useful to hurry. On reviews of the XIII GOG version 4.2/5 Considering that it gets a score like this, it will be a game that you will want to download and try. We have provided the download link for you below. Once you add it to your library, you will be able to download and install it whenever you want.

Finally, with a new patch released last week, some changes were made to the XIII Remake. With the weapons, animations, many changes made in the game and user interface, the final state of the game is wanted to be collected. Let’s see if this will have a positive effect on the review scores in the future. Do not forget to add the free version to your library anyway. Do not forget to share your opinions, ideas or suggestions on the subject with us and other readers in the comments section just below.

To get the XIII game for free on GOG you can click here.

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