The best selling smartphones of 2020

As a result of research conducted by independent analytics and consulting firm Omdia, the best-selling smartphones of 2020 have been revealed.

London-based independent analytics and consulting firm in Telecommunications, Media and Technology. Omdialisted the best selling smartphones of the past year. Before we get to the list, if we remember the best selling phones of 2019, 46.3 million at the top of the list iPhone XR model with 37.3 million iPhone 11 and with 30.3 million Galaxy A10 watched devices.

Interestingly, it’s the second best selling phone last year iPhone 11 this year, it was the top device with 64.8 million units. In fact, its closest rival, the 2020 model iPhone SEby more than 40 million. The third best-selling smartphone of 2020 is the more current model iPhone 12 happened. The device, which has a price tag of 896 dollars, left its mark on the list with 23.3 million sales. Fourth place Galaxy A51 sold 23.2 million phones in the 269 band. When we come to the fifth place on the list, again Samsung production Galaxy A21s We see that the model reached 19.4 million sales with a price of 192 dollars.

The best selling smartphones of 2020

IPhone 11 is the best selling smartphone of 2020

Omdia Senior Research Manager Jusy Hong“The top 10 list shows Apple’s leadership in the smartphone market and the strength of its brand compared to all other smartphone manufacturers. It also revealed that global brands such as Samsung, on the list, have problems in delivering their premium devices to their consumers. Ship smart phone series, Galaxy S and Note family, none of the models made it into the top 10. We see that the role of the closest smartphone manufacturer Huawei, which is pushing Apple’s position, in the global phone market has declined. in your expressions was found.

Finally, you can check out the list published by Omdia below.

The best selling smartphones of 2020

1. Apple iPhone 11 – 64.8 milyon

2. Apple iPhone SE (2020) – 24.2 million

3. Apple iPhone 12 – 23.3 milyon

4. Samsung Galaxy A51 – 23.2 million

5.Samsung Galaxy A21s – 19.4 million

6.Samsung Galaxy A01 – 16.9 million

7. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max – 16.8 milyon

8.Samsung Galaxy A11 – 15.3 million

9. Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro – 15.0 milyon

10. Apple iPhone 12 mini – 14.5 milyon

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