Teamfight Tactics 11.6 yama notları yayınlandı

Teamfight Tactics 11.6 patch notes released

Patch notes 11.6 for Teamfight Tactics, the auto battler style strategy game developed and published by Riot Games, have been released.

Riot Games’in Teamfight Tactics Diana, Nautilus, Zed, Irelia, Talon, Garen, Katarina, and Cho’Gath were getting stronger, while Lulu, Olaf, Tristana, the Iron Solari’s Pin and The Last Whisper weakened. Vi and the Sunfire Cape were edited. After the two biggest patches, this patch made minor balance changes in order to maintain the balanced game situation during the global tournament period. It is a simpler patch compared to the previous patch. is coming out.

Teamfight Tactics 11.6 patch notes released

Patch highlights


1 stage

Diana Attack Speed: 0.65> 0.7

Garen’s Ability Damage: 450/675/1125> 450/675/1250

Tristana’s Ability Attack Speed: 60/70/90%> 60/65/70%

Stage 2

Lulu can no longer cast her ability twice on the same target with the mage bonus.

Meaning of Nautilus: 75/150> 85/150

Armor Reduction of Vi’s Ability: 40/60/80%> 40/50/70%

Vi Ability Damage: 250/400/800> 250/425/850

AD Steal by Zed’s Ability: 20/25/30%> 30/30/30%

Stage 3

Irelia Ability Damage: 200/300/550> 200/300/700

Katarina’s Ability Damage: 600/900/1500> 650/1000/1500

Stage 4

Cho’Gath’s Armor: 60> 70

Cho’Gath’s Magic Resist: 40> 60

Olaf’s Attack Damage: 90> 85

Talon Attack Damage: 90> 95

Talon’s Ability Base Damage: 85/135/400> 100/150/400

Stage 5

Yone’s Ability Armor and Magic Resist Degradation: 60/60/80%> 60/60/70%


Ornn Relic, Eternal Winter’s Attack Speed ​​Slow: 50%> 35%

Last Whisper’s Armor Drop: 80%> 70%

Last Whisper’s Armor Drop Time: 3 seconds> 5 seconds

Shield of the Iron Solari’s Pin: 300/375/500> 300/350/450

Sunfire Cape is no longer exclusive. Each Sunfire Cape given to a unit sets its own target every two seconds and burns it. Burn, Close!

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