tax cuts can come to console prices in Turkey

Game Developers’ Association of Turkey (TOGEDDA) conveyed the effect of throwing a big step in the production game console and tax solutions to the Ministry of Commerce.

Anadolu Agency’s According to a news Game Developers’ Association of Turkey (TOGEDDA) additional tax on game consoles The effects of the regulations on game production and the solution suggestions on this issue with the Ministry of Commerce. We can see new developments in this regard in the future.

Big leap from TOGED for console taxes

Emphasizing that the additional taxes on game consoles have become one of the important agenda items of the industry recently, TOGED President Ali Erkin stated that they submitted their opinions and suggestions on this issue to the Ministry of Trade. Ergun, the members of the association to the global market opening game and application developers pointed out that they contribute to the economy of Turkey. He informed that the sector made 500 million dollars in 2016, 700 million dollars in 2017, 1 billion 50 million dollars in 2018 and 1 billion 500 million dollars in 2019.

Foreign investments are increasing gradually

Stating that game developer companies have become one of the sectors that receive the most global investments in the country with high service exports, Erkin said, “Our game developer companies have invested more than $ 2 billion in 2020 alone, and made great contributions to our country in this period when the world economy was struggling. And it is obvious that the contributions and supports given to the sector are very beneficial, “he said.

tax cuts can come to console prices in Turkey

Emphasizing the taxes that put a burden on the prices of video game consoles at the same time, Erkin said the following on the subject:

“While the latest tax regulations make it difficult for consumers to access game consoles, on the other hand, it is difficult for our companies that develop games for game consoles to reach the end user. with easy access to the game that consumers want will be possible. Considering that all of our developers in the industry today started out by playing games at a young age and as part of this culture, today’s gaming consumers are the potential game ecosystem employees of the future. In this direction, brought to game consoles the elimination of additional taxes and the abolition of the special consumption tax We believe that it will make a significant contribution to the development of the game industry and the service export of our country.

According to TOGED President Ali Erkin, “In this way, the game developers of the future will come from generations who love and play.”

In the near future, we may meet happy developers on this subject. Keep following us to learn the fastest developments.

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