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Super Bomberman R Online review

The renewed version of one of the oldest productions of the game world, Super Bomberman R Online, is the new guest of our review corner.

Super Bomberman R Online review: Bomberman was one of the most fun and unusual games I played as a child. Just like in the Tank game, it aimed to offer maximum entertainment with its structure based on simple dynamics and it was really successful in this. The game, which lost its simplicity over time, was naturally never as popular as it was in those first moments, but it managed to keep that nostalgia alive with its successful plays from time to time. Here, the newly released Super Bomberman R Online is holding on to that nostalgia, but at the same time, we can say that it feeds its gameplay with new dynamics.

Super Bomberman R Online

Super Bomberman R Online review

Super Bomberman R originally appeared in 2017. We can say that this renewed version is more connected to the roots of the game. Moreover, with the phrase Online added to its name, it has taken on a kind of Battle Royale type and entered a path where we try to survive among these explosions.

As you know, the theme of the Bomberman series is that your character drops the bomb, blows up the bricks and equalizes his opponents with the Power-Up (power-ups) he receives. Here, Super Bomberman R Online has placed all these dynamics I have mentioned in the center of the game. For this reason, while playing, it both captures that nostalgic atmosphere and gradually gets more pleasure from the game. you are starting to get.

Bomberman Battle Royale

Super Bomberman R Online review

On the battle royale side of the game, a system similar to the one we saw in Tetris 99, Super Mario Bros 35 and Pac-Man 99 awaits us. In all these games, a Battle Royale system was created by taking into account the dynamics. Here’s the same situation used for Super Bomberman R Online. You are fighting against 64 players in the game, but actually players are fighting against a few people in random arenas. More precisely, they primarily fight each other in small groups. As the rounds progress, the number of players decreases and you try to reach the leader’s seat.

Of course, even though you start with your classic laughs in the game, the game starts to get a little more complicated with the reinforcements you get. Because in the first place, only a few blocks are blown up, then much more powerful bombs start to explode and strategy and dynamics of acting quickly become more important.

Super Bomberman R Online review

In addition, when you equalize an opponent, the buffs he receives are scattered around, and I can say that there is a fight situation in this short moment. But the general structure of the game is based on taking the right position and having a lot of luck. When different arenas are added to the work, it is a little more distant from that classic line. The game, which starts out simple, becomes more and more complex. This can cause distraction as well as tiring you out. You can suddenly find yourself under the influence of a bomb. Especially if you get caught in the mess at the end, the situation is of course even sadder.

Super Bomberman R Online is a completely free-to-play game on all platforms. You can still unlock different and iconic characters by spending money on special packages. Yes, there is a character system in the game and each character has its own characteristics. Some move faster, while others can drop more powerful bombs at the start. When we look at the special character packs, we see that known characters from different series such as Naked Snake, Raiden, Lance, Alucard and Old Snake are included.

Super Bomberman R Online review

The game has a somewhat mixed structure in terms of presentation and interface. I think a system could be presented with a simpler interface without overwhelming the player. On the other hand, the thing that upset me the most was the server and load times. I can say that both connecting to the server and normal loading of the game take too long for a production of this capacity. Of course, the number of players on the server side also has an effect.

As a result Super Bomberman R Online A production that is enjoyable and stays true to the essence of the series. However, it does not have much content and a presentation of that quality in terms of connecting the player. I can say that it is a game to open and play once in a while and relieve stress. You can give Super Bomberman R Online a chance if you like this kind of games because it’s already free.

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