Sony Japonya kan kaybetmeye devam ediyor

Sony Japan continues to bleed

Gravity Rush and Bloodborne staff within Sony Japan left the company prior to reorganizing with the April restructuring.

Sony Interactive Entertainment, a subsidiary of Sony’s video game and digital entertainment, continues to lose key personnel. Sony Japan After hearing that its branch will be reorganized as a “new enterprise”, many of the development staff have confirmed that they will leave in the past few months.

Separation winds blowing at Sony Japan Studio

Developed by the “Team Gravity” division of Sony Japan studio Gravity Rush – Shunsuke Saito, character designer and animator of Gravity Rush 2 games, announced today in a short Twitter post that he is parting ways with Sony Japan and said: “I’m leaving Sony Interactive Entertainment today.”

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Following Shunsuke Saito’s post, Kentaro Motomura, Bloodborne’s senior producer and who has been working with Sony Interactive Entertainment for over two decades, announced that he has parted ways with Sony Japan as of today. I’m retiring from the entertainment company. Dark Cloud, WildArms, Soul Sacrifice, Bloodborne and I can’t thank you enough for the many games I’ve been involved in, like Everybody’s Golf. I will continue to produce games in the future, please continue to support me. Thank you very much! “To the relevant Twitter post to the link here you can reach by clicking.

Sony Japan

Shunsuke Saito and Kentaro Motomura are the most “up-to-date” of the key staff who left Sony Interactive Entertainment. Gravity Rush – Keiichiro Toyama, director of the first Silent Hill and Siren franchise, as well as the games Gravity Rush 2, announced in December that he left Sony Japan to set up his own game studio Bokeh.

New studio venture from Keiichiro Toyama

Keiichiro ToyamaTogether with Gravity Rush series lead designer Junya Okura and Puppeteer’s lead designer Kazunobu Sato, he founded a new studio called “Bokeh”. Both employees who joined Keiichiro Toyama left the Sony Japan arm after nearly two decades of service to join Bokeh Game Studio.

Keiichiro Toyama also announced that they have begun work on the studio’s first play. The development process of the game takes two or three years and is similar to Keiichiro Toyama’s previous work; that is, it is expected to be at a good level.

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