Sony PS4 oyunlarında crossplay özelliği istemiyor

Sony does not want crossplay feature in PS4 games

Epic vs. Documents revealed in the Apple case show that Sony does not want PlayStation games to be played with players on other platforms.

The Epic vs Apple case has produced a lot of documentation, which shows how much Sony hates crossplay in multiplayer games. Let’s make a small introduction for those who don’t know, crossplay is a feature that allows you to match and play together with players from different platforms on the same server. For example, while playing Rocket League on your computer, you can enter the same match with players playing on consoles thanks to the crossplay feature.

And Sony doesn’t like this crossplay job at all

For the first time in 2018, the public outcry of Fortnite players pushed Sony to bring the crossplay feature for gaming on PS4. Until the big change with Fortnite, Sony repeatedly chose not to support cross play in games like Minecraft and Rocket League. Newly released documents from the Epic Games v Apple case reveal how Epic negotiated with Sony for cross-play. Sony has started to charge the developers of the games that support the crossplay feature according to the earnings it has made on other platforms.

In its 2019 Sony document, “Cross-platform revenue sharing,” it outlines a royalty payment policy for games that earn a significant portion of their money on non-PS4 platforms. “If the ratio of PSN revenue share divided by PS4 gameplay share in any month is less than 0.85, a royalty will be paid to SIE to offset the decrease in common revenue.”

Sony does not want crossplay feature in PS4 games

This shows that in cases where the game wins and PSN fails, Sony charges a royalty fee, as it only supports crossplay. PlayStation gamers spending their money elsewhere apparently does not like Sony. But if a game with $ 1 million in revenue per month on all platforms comes from $ 900,000 from PSN, if 95% of the total player base is on Sony’s platform, the developer does not need to pay any royalties.

Sony’s attitude towards crossplay seems to be a bit rigid, of course, to cover the infrastructure costs it will spend on the games it supports and to profit from a job it does. According to Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney, Epic had to agree to the conditions required to allow Fortnite games on PS4. According to the Epic CEO, the only platform where compensation is required for the crossplay feature is Sony’s PlayStation console. Of course, since the documents are from 2019, Sony may have changed its attitude on this issue.

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