Yarım kalan TV dizileri: Bir türlü yeni sezon gelmedi

Somehow the new season has not come

I waited for the second season but did not come … Maybe the TV series that we watched for years but remained unfinished is a waste of time or the betrayal of companies?

Some TV series connect us to the screen. The weekly series are at their most exciting point, while waiting for the new episode or season to arrive.unfinished TV series“This annoying situation has happened to me so much in the past years that we said we should sort it one after the other, but a crazy list came out. The series that have disappeared from science fiction to comedy have upset many of us.

Unfinished TV series

What’s not in the unfinished TV series? My Name Is EarlThere are many productions from “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”. In our list, we list these series and what we know for you, with their reasons.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Unfinished TV series

No one knows the Terminator movies in which Arnold Schwarzenegger starred. Proceeding on the same subject, “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” is about the aftermath of the events in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Sarah and her son John plan to destroy the computer network Skynet in hopes of preventing Armageddon. In this process, they must stay out of the sight of the government. It will not be easy for the robot that comes to help them to succeed.

More than 18 million people watched its first episode in mid-January 2008. By the second season, 3.56 million people watched the final episode and the series was quietly unplugged before the apocalypse could stop.

The Secret Circle

Unfinished TV series

“The Secret Circle”, one of the series I started watching with interest, was canceled by TheCW Network because its ratings could not cover the production costs. Many fans want the 2nd season to continue, despite the fact that the series was canceled almost 10 years ago.

In the final episode of the series, it looked like four new, mysterious characters were heading to the city. Unfortunately, we had no idea who these characters were, whose stories we thought we were going to learn in the second season.

Unfinished TV Series: Kyle XY

Unfinished TV series

As a result of a secret human cloning experiment many years ago, a Seattle family takes with them a forgetful teenager (Dallas) they learned to have mysterious and psychic abilities. The family helps to teach Kyle human behaviors such as anger, joy, and love, and protects him from those who want to use Kyle for their own evil ends.

Kyle XY, a science fiction series, took its place among the unfinished TV series. It would probably have been a much longer drama if it aired today. However, after season 3, ABC was canceled due to poor ratings, according to some news sources.

Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Unfinished TV series

Superman is a movie series with productions watched no matter what. Moreover, the series, which was shot at a time when the movie series was very popular, was unfortunately quietly canceled after the first four seasons. It was most likely canceled because Dean Cain, who portrayed the character of Clark Kent, could not perform as successfully as Christopher Reeve, who gave the character his main look.


Unfinished TV series

Rome, which is one of the most important examples showing us that TV series with a large staff and important actors can also be canceled, was one of the productions that did not cover the production costs. The cancellation of HBO when it was very strong also left a question mark in the minds. We can also think that it was in the shadow of the Lost series, which was broadcast in the same period.

Agent Carter

Agent Carter

Agent Carter, one of Marvel’s major characters, was quietly canceled after two seasons. Of course, it is not difficult to see the reason for this. The series was about Agent Carter’s story of how SHIELD was founded after World War II and Captain America. Unfortunately, the show didn’t gather many followers, and ABC decided that Atwell wanted Atwell to star in a different series. For this reason, Agent Carter was canceled after the second season. In addition, the environments the series took place had disturbed the strict Marvel followers. Naturally, the production with low viewing scores was not even taken off the air.


V TV Serisi

In the lead role, the beauty of Morena Baccarin, who we know from Deadpool and also portrays Wade’s lover Vanessa, was not enough to save the series. Because it was among the canceled productions after the 2nd season. V made the story for two seasons. We were beginning to get an idea of ​​what the main plan for Full V was that it was canceled without any conclusion. It was one of the biggest visual effects TV shows of its time. However, it was not rated high enough to pay off its construction costs.

Unfinished TV Series: Hannibal


Featuring stars such as Mads Mikkelsen and Laurence Fishburne, Hannibal was canceled in season three, despite his loyal audience. The reason for the cancellation of NBC’s serial killer drama wasn’t much different from other productions. The show was getting very low ratings. Ultimately, the project was put on dusty shelves among the unfinished TV series after the third season.



Reaper, which is a comedy series, has a very well-edited structure. The production was about a man who sold his soul to the devil for his family. Of course, things were not going well for him as a result. For, he had to help the devil to catch other spirits fleeing hell. The story, which progressed extremely funny, coincided with the strike of American writers that took place between 2007 and 2008. Unfortunately, only ten episodes were filmed.



After the fifth season, a power struggle between producer / distribution companies resulted in the series being canceled. Angel was ready to fight demons and dragons in the last episode of the series. In the last episode, he experiences a loss of consciousness while waving Angel’s sword. The series was also canceled at this point. What happened to Angel is still a mystery.

Before I forget, the series Buffy: The Vampire Slayer is also out of Angel. Both characters cross paths in each other’s sequences from time to time.

Unfinished TV Series Bonus: ALF


There is no one who does not know Alf. One of the first sitcoms, Alf’s finale came quite sad and inconclusive. When our alien friend, who managed to live away from eyes for a long time, was caught by the police, the news of the cancellation of the series came. Probably one of the worst finals in history. Later a movie was shot to explain the subject. Unfortunately, no one from the original series cast participated in this movie.

Are canceled TV series a waste of time?

The time you need to spare to watch the TV series takes an important process in our lives. Those of us who watch 12-13 episodes per season and look forward to the next season, sometimes experience great disappointments with productions that are canceled without even any explanation. On the other hand, it is quite illogical to watch the series when it is completely finished. As a result, you can stay under the technology of the day or you may already have a spoiler about it. There is a very nice phrase in our language that corresponds to this. It may not be correct to write here, but many of you will know when I say “wand”. (Do not write in the comments, I do not approve :)) He describes the situation we came to very well.

I usually expect the third season to be ready to start a series. TV shows that come for three seasons are generally more likely to continue. If you have noticed, there are usually only the first two seasons of the canceled TV series. That’s why we have to make some effort to avoid spoilers. You will probably find that it makes sense to watch the series that have been released in the third season.

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