Hunt: Showdown yeni Boss ve canlı yayınlar ile üçüncü yılını kutluyor

Showdown celebrates its third year with new Boss and live streams

Hunt: Showdown is celebrating its third year with new boss and live broadcast events. Many new and free items are waiting for players.

Hunt: Showdown is celebrating the game’s three years since its introduction to Early Access on Steam this month, as well as launching a new live event with awards offered for the community. The live event “As the Crow Flies” will run from March 24 to April 12. Developers Hunt: Showdown yeni Boss With the addition, they take the construction forward.

Hunt: Showdown celebrates its third year with new Boss and live streams

In the process, it offers players a chance to earn Legendary Items and a new Legendary Hunter, and extra rewards as the event progresses. Anyone who logs in at least once during the event will receive 1 Iron relic and a new Legendary Chain Pistol, Dark Miasma.

The new live event will be played on two acts. In act one, players will search for event-themed clues to unlock the brand new boss Scrapbeak, smash bird skeletons, and earn Event Points by defeating bosses. This will trigger the second act of the event.

In act two, players’ Event Points will be transferred to their personal development to unlock special gear for the event. Players will be able to continue playing when they reach their daily Event Point limit, but instead of receiving Event Points, they will be rewarded with Hunter XP for the rest of the day.

Hunt: Showdown celebrates its third year with new Boss and live streams

Throughout the event, there will also be aids available for the player, which will increase their points and gift the players with valuable Hunter’s items to others in the match. It should not be forgotten that these gifts will only be available during the event. Players will also be able to purchase many items from the event store.

“We thank everyone who joined us on the Hunt: Showdown journey with a free new Legendary Chain Gun and an Iron Reliquary for participating in this event, for having the chance to unlock new Legendary Items and a new Legendary Hunter,” said Loïc Raimond. It’s really popular. The team has set up something special to celebrate Hunt’s third year, and we can’t wait to see the community work together. “

Crysis’in oyunu Hunt: Showdown PCCan be purchased for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you’re thinking of starting the game, the new Boss Hunt: Showdown might be the driving gas for you.

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