WoW: Shadowlands içerik güncellemesi Chains of Domination duyruldu

Shadowlands content update Chains of Domination announced

In this new episode of the Shadowlands adventure thread, we dive into new depths of Jailer’s desperate realm to understand the true face of his evil ambitions.

Although the traitor Sire Denathrius is defeated, Maw’s power continues to grow. With World of Warcraft®: Shadowlands’ next major content update, Chains of Domination ™, players will dive into new depths of Jailer’s desperate realm to try to understand the true nature of his evil ambitions.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands content update Chains of Domination announced

Backing the renewed power of the four covenants, the Horde and Alliance heroes will carry the battle in the Shadowlands to the Jailer’s headquarters. But a new and terrifying person joins the servants of the Banished One. Possessed by Sylvanas Windrunner, this terrifying person sees the hearts of Azeroth’s heroes a fear that no other creature of the Shadowlands can provide. releases.

DISCOVER KORTHIA’S MYSTERIES-Jais are after a key that will fulfill their treacherous ambitions, and just to find it, he draws a piece of a lost area of ​​Maw. Search for answers and participate in new quests and open-world activities in the Ancient City of Secrets, Korthia.

THE COVIDERS ARE ATTACKING– Embark on a quest to assemble the four covenants with the regenerated Kyrian, Night Fae, Necrolords and Venthyr. Attack the Jailer’s territory together.

SANCTUM OF DOMINATION’I BASIN-New 10 boss raid: Confront the dangers of uncharted corners of Torghast in Sanctum of Domination. Encounter the real Eye of the Jailer, defeat Tarragrue, and stand in front of the Banshee Queen.

NEW MEGA-ZİNDAN: TAZAVESH, THE VEILED MARKET– Gather your group and steal the powerful artifacts of Azeroth in this eight-boss Mythic mega-dungeon set in the mysterious Brokers’ marketplace.

AND MORE. . .– Get ready for Season 2 of Shadowlands Raid, Dungeon and PvP. A seasonal Mythic Keystone dungeon effect inspired by the power of the Jailer, testament cosmetic armor sets available for all classes, new Soulbind and Conduit powers, brand new mounts and companions, flight across four regions of the covenants and more.

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