Serious Sam 4 Steam Atölyesi desteği geliyor

Serious Sam 4 Steam Workshop support coming

Official mod support for Serious Sam 4 has been announced by developer Croteam. Sam is now more serious than ever in the Steam workshop.

Serious Sam 4 Official mode support announced by the developer for Steam Workshop support is also included for the game, developed by Croatian studio Croteam and published by Devolver Digital.

Serious Sam 4 official mod support coming

A video was shared introducing the mod support for the new game of the series. Piece by piece, the engine used by the developer team is shown for what purposes the users can use. The Serious Engine developer tool promises modders a universe full of nasty jokes to work on.

Terrain Editor You can make various changes on the terrain in the game’s world. You can create new terrains using heightmap files from real locations in the world, or you can create a handmade world using your own imagination. Once you create your world, it is directly playable, which means you can create your own custom map with less effort. is coming.

Scene mode (Scenery Mode) allows you to make your own unique environment designs for Serious Sam 4. So much so that you can design your own part from both the ready-made models of the game and the 3D models you have made yourself. also Node Shader feature allows you to enhance the game engine’s standard shader features. In this way, it is possible to produce materials that are more realistic and more responsive to the environment. The material programming feature through the nodes we know from Blender and Unreal Engine is also available in Serious Engine.

Serious Sam 4 Steam Workshop support coming

“Legion” system, one of the features of Serious Sam 4, is in Serious Engine “Battle EntityThis system, which allows armies of hundreds or even thousands of artificial intelligence to fight each other, can also be used by mod developers.

Many tools including atmosphere, cutscenes, vehicles, ray tracing technology and more are also available to users with official mod support. If you want to do something about game development, it might be a good step to start developing mods. SpaceBourne In our interview with the developer, the developer stated that this is how he started to work. You can click here to read our related interview. So what do you think about Serious Sam 4 official mod support? Do you have mod development plans? Do not forget to mention your opinion in the comments.

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