Hacklenemez denen RTX 3060, iki hafta dayanabildi

RTX 3060 hacked for crypto mining

It looks like a modified driver comes from China that makes the RTX 3060 graphics card a great mining GPU. This is not a goal either …

Two weeks, 14 days, 336 hours to be exact. In PC technologies, this time frame corresponds to “time in the blink of an eye”. Nvidia’s effort to stop the miners wasted in this short time. The RTX 3060 card, which was said to be non-mining, non-hacking, was hacked in just two weeks. Working speed limiter (hashrate limiter) found card broke and now looks like it has turned into a great miner’s GPU.

This is no goal either: RTX 3060 hacked for mining

It was not difficult to guess, a card that was released with the hashrate limiter and a more convenient than others would of course face the intense efforts of miners. However, we did not expect it to happen in such a short time. The published images show that the RTX 3060 GPU’s operating speed limiter has been broken, so it can become a favorite of miners. Of course, approach this information with some doubts, for it is confirmed. not.

The only sources so far are the images that have appeared on Twitter and a Vietnamese Facebook group. If this is really how hacking this drive is, RTX 3060 graphics card Really bad news for players who want to reach out; Miners’ new favorite graphics card has been announced.

The image circulating on Twitter (Overclockers via) you can see from above. It appears a system running eight RTX 3060 graphics cards working at 45 MH / s in total. Of course, it should not be overlooked that this visual speed limiter may have been saved in less than a second before it was activated. So there is no definitive evidence yet that it regularly runs at this speed. WCCFTech also “RTX 3060 already has a modified driver. By disabling the limiter it can go up to 50 MH / s. Its price is 20 million VND (6,581.33 Turkish Liras).”

RTX 3060, which is said to be hackable, lasted for two weeks

CMP cards published by NVidia are not preferred by miners for some reason. Instead, they insist on getting GeForce cards from stock reserved for gamers. This could result in chaos for the company if not taken under control. Today, as a gamer, I am also reacting to miners draining graphics card stock. However, it will be the companies that issue the cards. We recently said that NVidia will standardize its mining prevention efforts on new graphics cards. If it goes like this, it looks tough. In less than two weeks, their most trusted card has become the ideal card for mining. What will result in this situation in the future, we will see together.

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