Rocket League Sideswipe mobil cihazlara geliyor

Rocket League Sideswipe is coming to mobile devices

Rocket League Sideswipe will be released later this year for Android and iOS devices. The pleasure of playing football with cars is also carried to mobile devices.

Developed by Pmasiix and become one of the most popular games in the world with the purchase of Epic Games Rocket League mobil also comes to platforms. The game, called Rocket League Sidesweep, will be released for Android and iOS devices. The first alpha gameplay images have been shared and it looks fun.

Rocket League Sidesweep will be released this year for mobile devices

Developer Pmasiix today is a announcement for iOS and Android devices Rocket League Sidesweep gave the news of his game. The new game seems to continue the excitement we knew from the original game in online multiplayer. It will include 1v1 or 2v2 matches, each lasting about two minutes. It will be released as a free to download and play game.

Rocket League is optimized differently for mobile. It uses different techniques to make it easier to use from phones and tablets, especially in terms of controls. It will also accommodate a different camera perspective so that cars can fit on the screen in any way. For those who want to rise with ranked matches, it will have extra mechanics just like the original game. This shows that the first game will bring the “difficult to learn, more difficult to master” structure to mobile devices.

Rocket League Sideswipe is coming to mobile devices

Pmasiix has not yet announced an official and clear release date for the game. As stated in the announcement, they plan to release towards the end of this year. There will also be some alpha and beta tests throughout the development process of the game. Starting today, players in Australia and New Zealand will get their first chance for the tests. Separate test processes are expected to start in Europe, America and Asia in the coming period.

About Rocket League

With its original gameplay and structure, it was created by Piyonix for the first time. 7 July 2015 ‘It was launched in the market. The game, which attracted the intense interest of the players, continues on its way by being continuously developed since that day. Rocket League, whose instant player numbers skyrocketed with Epic Games’ acquisition of Piyonix, now comes up with its mobile version. Esports events, which have started to become widespread in our country, are held in Europe and America under the name of RLCS. This season, the tournament under the name of RLCSX is broadcast live on both YouTube and Twitch channels. The game, developed with Unreal Engine 3, seems to continue to maintain its popularity on mobile platforms.

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