Richard Garriott, dünyanın en derin noktasına indi

Richard Garriott landed at the deepest point of the world

Richard Garriott, producer of the Ultima RPG series and founder of Origin System, broke new ground by reaching the deepest point of the world.

Richard Garriott mentioned in the news, The latest RPG series producer and one of the people who form the backbone of the video game industry. In recent years, rather than developing games, Garriott has gone to the North Pole, South Pole and even to space. Now he landed at the deepest point in the world, the Mariana Trench, and this event led to a first by being the only person who did all this.

Richard Garriott also entered the Mariana Trench and became a man of firsts

The Mirror As reported by Garriott, the deepest ocean ditch on the planet. To the Mariana Trench traveling and adding another milestone to his list of impressive achievements. This journey has made him the only person to date to visit both poles of the earth, space and the deepest point on the planet.

Garriott, 36,000 feet to the bottom of the Pacific (about 11km he said it took about four hours to make the trip. When he got there he took photos, collected samples, and recorded a short science fiction movie. He did this during his visit to the ISS (International Space Station). He also confirmed that he was able to complete the entire 12-hour journey without needing a break in need.

“You can see these beautiful four or five inches of translucent black worms in the video I took,” Garriott said. “You can also see traces of larger ones.” Accompanying Garriott on his journey, Victor Vescovo also shared this short video of the bottom of the world on Twitter:

In addition to collecting samples and conducting experiments on, Garriott did “Geocaching” here, as he did to places he had gone before. Geocaching can be called a kind of game that they expect others to find simply by putting a device that sends location information inside a waterproof container. Richard did this for personal entertainment, too. He had done the same there when he went to the ISS before. He may be waiting for someone to come and find it.

Richard Garriott landed at the deepest point of the world

In addition to being the creator of the Ultima RPG series and one of the backbone of the game industry, Richard Garriott has such an interesting direction. Working in the field of field research and maintaining the discovery instinct in January.The Explorers Club“The president has been elected. You can share your views on this subject in the comments. Let’s see who plays Ultima Online!

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