Resident Evil Village dosya boyutu ortaya çıktı

Resident Evil Village file size revealed

Resident Evil Village file size appeared on Microsoft Store. How many GB will the new Resident Evil game be? Details are in our news.

Resident Evil Village, one of the most prominent horror games of recent times New details emerged for. Finally, we have reached new details about how much space the game will take on computers and consoles. It seems Resident Evil Village file sizewill be almost twice that of its predecessor. In the light of the listing on the Microsoft Store, it became clear how much storage space the game wanted. How many GB will be the last game of the series? Here is the answer to your question!

Resident Evil Village file size, almost twice its predecessor

The last game of the series, which will be the first representative of the new generation, is much bigger than the previous one. Resident Evil Village file size for PC with new and current generation consoles 50.02 GB as announced. Of course, this includes the multiplayer mode of the game, Re: Verse. Resident Evil 7: The game, which will be a sequel to Biohazard, is available on the Microsoft Store. listingalso includes details of this size. giving.

The last game of the series to be published by Capcom will appear with a size of 50.02 GB. Listing size for Xbox Series X and Xbox One, For PS4 and PS5 it is expected not to be different. In addition, the game will support Native 4K resolution and ray tracing technology on both new generation consoles. The PC version is a completely different story, as we don’t have anywhere yet to get details about the PC version. We know that only ray tracing technology is approved for AMD graphics cards.

Resident Evil Village file size revealed

When we compare it with RE7, we can say that the size has almost doubled. However, this listing includes the multiplayer mode Re: Verse along with the main game. Re:Verse 15 GB, RE Village ise 35 GB needs storage space. If you just want to have a horrible single player experience, free up 35 GB of storage space.

The game is currently available for pre-order on PlayStation Store, Xbox Live and Steam. The only detail shared for PC system requirements is that it will need a 64bit operating system. We will try to inform you about future announcements as quickly as possible. Don’t you think the size of this game is too big? I guess we’ll have to get used to it. Do not forget to mention your opinion in the comments.

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