Resident Evil 25.yıl dönümü için açıklamalar yapıldı

Resident Evil 25th anniversary announced

New announcements have been made for the 25th anniversary of Resident Evil, the survival horror game of Capcom, and new details of the RE Village game have been shared.

Resident Evil has left its 25th anniversary behind as of yesterday. The Resident Evil game, which Capcom first released on March 22, 1996, has become one of the most established series in the game industry after its success. Capcom also shared new details about the new game of the series, RE Village, as well as a statement for the 25th anniversary of Resident Evil. The explanations and details published by the company are as follows;

Resident Evil has been announced for the 25th anniversary

Over the years, the popular series has sold over 107 million units, introduced the most iconic characters and game systems of video games, and has gone beyond games to become a cornerstone of entertainment. The next highly anticipated version of the game series is PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X on May 7, 2021 | S is coming soon with Resident Evil Village, which will be released worldwide on Xbox One, Steam and Stadia. Ahead of the launch, Capcom confirmed that a new Resident Evil Showcase digital event will arrive in April and announced details of the upcoming multiplayer Resident Evil Re: Verse open beta test.

The new game details will be announced at a new Resident Evil Showcase digital event in April and will give fans a glimpse of what awaits them when Resident Evil Village launches on May 7. In January, the Resident Evil Showcase provided information on key new game features, characters for Resident Evil Village, and updates to other games, and the April event will continue with the 25th anniversary news with new game content to share. For more information coming soon, including the time of the digital event and how you can participate, see the official Twitter your channel follow.

New details shared from the Village game for the 25th anniversary of Resident Evil

An all-star roster of fan-favorite heroes and biological weapons is coming together to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Resident Evil in the upcoming multiplayer Resident Evil Re: Verse experience. In Resident Evil Re: Verse, players start out as human characters, hunt each other and collect virus bottles scattered across the map. When taken out, they are resurrected as biological weapons to get revenge. The more bottles they collect, the more powerful their bio-weapon conversions will be – it is up to the player to decide between bottle collecting and a full-scale attack strategy. Today, Capcom announced that PlayStation® 4, Xbox One and Steam players will be able to participate in the Resident Evil Re: Verse open beta test from April 7 to 11. Players who participated in the previous closed beta test and still have the game installed on their hardware will be able to play via a game update after the open beta is released. New players will be able to pre-upload open beta content starting April 5th. All open beta participants will need a registered Capcom ID to play.

Resident Evil Village Pre-orders for all platforms are now available with digital Standard and Deluxe Edition options for all platforms, as well as physical Standard and Collector’s Edition for console players. The Digital Deluxe Edition includes a digital “Trauma Pack” consisting of the base game and additional in-game content such as a Samurai Edge weapon, Resident Evil 7 biohazard-inspired image screen filter, tape recorder save point option. Alongside the Deluxe Edition content, the Physical Collector’s Edition includes a stunning statue of franchise veteran Chris Redfield, a SteelBook bag, art book, a fabric map of the village, and an A4 print showing key art. Resident Evil Village will be eligible to upgrade from PlayStation 4 to the digital version of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | It will support Smart Delivery for S and Xbox One consoles.

The Resident Evil 7 biohazard Gold Edition will be available on Stadia as a separate purchase option and will be free with Stadia Pro starting April 1, 2021. Players can also browse Resident Evil’s rich library as they celebrate their 25th anniversary with various discount promotions across multiple platforms.

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