Red Bull Campus Clutch üniversite elemeleri sona erdi

Red Bull Campus Clutch university qualification ends

The countdown has begun for the Red Bull Campus Clutch Turkey Final, the Valorant tournament held between universities.

The world’s largest intercollegiate global VALORANT tournament that enables university students to represent their country and schools Red Bull Campus ClutchUniversity qualifications have been completed in. At the end of the university qualifiers, a total of 80 teams qualified to compete for a place in the Turkey Final.

As a result of the eliminations, where teams of 5 people formed at 80 universities compete to represent their country and universities in the game of VALORANT, 80 teams that made it to the Turkish qualifiers will compete to be one of the two finalists to be met at the Turkey Finals on 22 May. The final, in which the team that won 3 wins over 5 games, will be the champion, will be the closing event of the Istanbul Youth and Entertainment Festival (IGEF). Gamers will be able to watch the final match at IGEF live on their Twitch account.

Red Bull Campus Clutch university qualification ends

The team, which becomes the champion of Turkey at the end of the final in IGEF, will be entitled to participate in the World Final qualifying round, in which 53 representatives of countries will participate. The finalists who are successful in the qualifying round will compete in the World Final.

The university team, which reached the championship in the World Final, will have the opportunity to meet the world’s best VALORANT players competing in the VALORANT Masters, as well as a 20 thousand Euro award.

Approximately 18 million players play VALORANT, which is the focus of attention of gamers after entering the market in 2020. In the game, where teams of 5 people face each other, a match is set up over 25 rounds. VALORANT, which has achieved 34 million views of a single game on Twitch, continues its development in the way of being the most played game. Red Bull Campus Clutch, one of the most important and innovative VALORANT tournaments in the world, is the first VALORANT tournament to bring university students together.

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