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RDR2 Turkish patch installation guide

Of course, you can play Red Dead Redemption 2 in Turkish. We explained the RDR2 Turkish patch download and installation process in our article. Wait for me Dutch!

A question in minds How to install RDR2 Turkish patch? You will find the answer to this exact question in this guide. Due to the story and structure of the game, the foreign language it contains is also very strong. For this reason, Turkish players have great difficulties in getting caught up in the story. When this is the case, of course, we can get a little distasteful. Since we are aware of this, let’s prepare a guide for you to download and install RDR2 Turkish patch. we said. By clicking the table of contents below, you can go directly to the section you are interested in, or you can read the entire article if you wish. How Red Dead Redemption 2 is played in Turkish, let’s see!


Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) hakkında

Rockstar Games It is a great game that has a really “Rockstar” texture. It was first released in 2018, but the game of the year lost its prize to a strong contender, God of War. Still, RDR2 is the champion of our hearts! It has a story based on the struggle of a group of outlaws led by Dutch van der Linde with the law and their former enemies. This gang is trying to get rid of the continent by constantly changing regions for different reasons. In fact, we recently reported that the Braithewaite Manor, where this gang went, was designed in Minecraft. Red Dead Redemption 2 is also great in this regard, as developer Rockstar has developed an amazing open world game like GTA V. He promises both dangers and beauties to the actor in his world full of details.

Red Dead Redemption II Türkçe yama

Completing its first year on PlayStation 4, the game later came to the PC platform. Especially after moving to the PC platform, it did not fail to benefit from the blessings of the platform. So much so that original content made for many mods, patches and games started to be published one by one. There is no official Turkish language support in the game. This means that you cannot translate the language of the game into your language from the settings section. For this reason, RDR2 Turkish patch work has begun to appear. Although the publisher of the game Take Two stubborn about this issue, it is possible to reach Turkish patches for Red Dead Redemption 2 today. If you don’t know how these patches work, be sure to read the paragraph just below.

What is the Turkish patch? How does it work?

The Turkish patch appears in many games. It is made by skilled players for games that do not officially support our language by the developer. These grammatical players access the language files of the game and receive the texts in the game with the help of various programs. These translations, which are generally made from the English language, result in the texts being replaced with their Turkish equivalents. At the end of the work, the game becomes fully playable in Turkish. In general, developers do not interfere with such content, there are even those who support it, but the RDR2 Turkish patch issue was a bit more painful. Publisher Take Two had taken steps on this issue that pissed us off a little. Now, the new Turkish patch published by “Charlesherman” can be easily installed and played.

RDR2 Turkish patch installation guide

How to install RDR2 Turkish patch?

This new patch, which covers all of the main and side missions in Red Dead Redemption 2, is better than the previous ones. We have also encountered patches that localize the game in the form of subtitles before. A 100% Turkish RDR2 experience awaits you here.

RDR2 Turkish patch is already published on NexusMods. This new patch published by Charlesherman completely transforms the game into Turkish and offers a nice solution for our players stuck in the language barrier. You can complete the RDR2 Turkish patch installation process by following the steps below. Of course, this mode has some flaws, and we will talk about all of them after we finish the installation process. Since these flaws are not of the kind that will completely ruin your gaming experience, you can easily download and install them.

How to install RDR2 Turkish patch?

How to install Red Dead Redemption 2 Turkish patch

  • Download the file from the NexusMods page (You can click here)
  • Open the RAR file you downloaded
  • Move the contents to the folder where the game is installed
  • RDR2_TR.exe you will see the file, run this
  • Press the “OK” button in the message you see.
  • The setup is complete, have a good game!

This was the RDR2 Turkish patch installation process. However, when you enter the game, you may encounter some problems. Remember that this is a third party software after all. It is possible that you may encounter some problems because it is not something the developer does. Now, if you wish, let’s talk about the solutions of some problems you may experience after RDR2 Turkish patch installation.

RDR2 Turkish patch download

Some problems with the patch and their solutions

  • If different characters (question mark, square, etc.) appear in the fonts instead of Turkish characters, try starting the game with Rockstar Launcher. This should fix your problem.
  • To avoid problems, be careful not to use Turkish characters in the name of the folder where you installed the game. For example, if you installed D: / Games / Favorite / RDR2, rename the “Favorite” folder here to “Favorite”.
  • While the RDR2 Turkish patch is installed in your game, do not enter online modes. This can cause some problems. There is a possibility to eat ban.
  • Does not work in conjunction with Trainer mode. If you want to play the story of the game in Turkish, you have to remove the Trainer mode for a while. This is a problem in Nexus where users also suffer from forums. Although there are some solutions, we recommend that you use this mode alone, at least until you finish the story completely and enjoy it.

That’s it! Now without any problems Red Dead Redemption 2 Türkçe you can enjoy the joy of playing. Of course, it is worth mentioning that this software developed by third party parties you use here is not our product. For this reason, we do not have any responsibility for the problems that may arise. But don’t be afraid, you probably just won’t be able to hold back your tears of happiness. You can thank us later, go in now and enjoy the Turkish RDR2 experience. Yours …

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