Razer, E3 fuarında özel bir sunum düzenleyecek

Razer will hold a special presentation at E3

Razer, one of the first companies that comes to mind when it comes to player accessories, announced that they will make a special presentation for the first time at the E3 2021 fair.

One of the companies that will present at E3 2021, one of the biggest fairs in the gaming world, will be Razer. The company announced that they will sign one of the opening presentations of the fair. For this presentation, a keynote will be given with ‘extended reality’ technology. Razer’s statement and presentation details on the subject are as follows;

Razer will hold a presentation at the E3 fair

Razer has announced that the first E3 Razer Keynote will be performed during keynotes at E3 2021 on Monday, June 14 at 3:00 PM PDT (1:00 PM on Monday, June 14th, UK). Razer CEO and Co-Founder Min-Liang Tan will continue to raise the bar in PC gaming, unveiling a range of innovative hardware built with Razer’s best-in-class technology and design.

This will be Razer’s first keynote at E3, the leading global video game event. At the fair, which always highlights the best of the year in the video game industry with the participation of the world’s leading video game brands every year, Razer is proud to be keynote this year and to share news about the latest innovations and hardware to support the best for PC gaming.

Razer will hold a special presentation at E3

The company’s CEO, Min-Liang Tan, will lead the Razer E3 2021 Keynote, which will take place in a brand new “extended reality” format that combines real and virtual spaces for an immersive presentation experience. Supported by E3’s interactive layer, millions of Razer fans and gamers around the world will be able to participate and interact with the live broadcast conversation.

Min-Liang’s keynote will be accompanied by industry-leading gamers to showcase innovations that will take PC gaming to the heights of performance and atmosphere. Razer E3 Keynote; International on E3’s official channels (YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook), the E3 portal and app, the websites of E3’s media partners including IGN, GameSpot, PC Gamer, GamesRadar+ and more, and Razer’s major social channels. will be published as.

Following the E3 Keynote, the expanded RazerStore Live virtual event hosted by gaming celebrities and Razer staff will be streamed live on Razer’s social channels with first look experiences, product launches and giveaways.

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